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The Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management (MINA) is NMBU's centre for nature and the environment, sustainable use of natural resources, biological and geological processes.

The faculty has about 200 employees , 650 students, and 13 study programs. Ågot Akraa is dean, Hilde Steinmoen is head of administration. 

  • We train professionals who work everywhere in society where nature and environmental issues are in focus. Our graduates deal with a wide variety of complex issues in administration, the university and college sector, organizations and private industry.

    MINA offers the following programs in English: 

    2-year master's program:

    PhD programs:

    The following programs are offered in Norwegian:

    One-year program:

    Bachelor's programs:

    Master's programs (2-year):

  • MINA is NMBU's academic environment within nature and the environment, sustainable use of natural resources, biological and geological processes.

    We research, communicate and educate in the areas of geology, hydrology and limnology, soil science, environmental chemistry, forest science, ecology, nature management, renewable energy and nature-based tourism.

    Our vision is to be a key player in knowledge production and dissemination, and deliver research of high, international quality and varied and good teaching. Our employees are highly recognized experts in their respective fields, both nationally and internationally. The faculty is characterized by a very vital research culture and high scientific production.

    Key figures and production:

    • About 90 PhD candidates
    • About 15 PhD defenses per year


    MINA's scientific staff is divided into the following sections:

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    MINA leder/er tett påkoblet flere av NMBUs sentre:

    • CERAD - researching the harmful effects of radiation on organisms and the ecosystem as a whole, to improve the protection of people and environment.
    • Bio4fuels - developing innovative technology and support industries to realize economic and sustainable conversion of lignocellulosic  biomass and organic residues to transportation fuels, along with added value chemicals, heat and power. 
    • EarthresQue - a Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI) funded by the Research Council of Norway. The centre will develop technologies and systems for sustainable handling and treatment of waste and surplus masses.
    • SiEUGreen - a Horizon2020 project.
  • Scientific areas of priority

    In the current strategic period, MINA will allocate resources to interdisciplinary research within areas such as:

    • Climate change, environmental pollution and area use: drivers, effects, adaptations and measures
    • Sustainable energy transition
    • Sustainable food and fiber production and soil health (national and global)
    • Methods for mapping, monitoring and anlysing biodiversity and sustainability
    • Circular resource use and decommisioning
  • The board's composition for the governing period of 01.08.2021 to 31.07.2025 consists of the following:  

    Leader (external)Arne Rørå, NORSKOG
    Permanent scientific staffJan Mulder og Line Nybakken
    1. sub Richard Bischof, 2. sub Elin L. F. Gjengedal
    Temporary scientific staff*Sigrid Trier Kjær
    sub: Tom Erik Thorkildsen
    Technical/administrativeMarit Nandrup Pettersen
    sub: Roar Økseter
    Student*Paul Høsteng-Haugen og Gina Marie Granheim
    sub: Oscar Østvold, Cecile Ane Madeleine Hereid Henrichsen
    ExternalBrit Lisa Skjelkvåle (Natural history museum) og Jon Museth (NINA)
    sub: - Ågot Aakra (SINTEF), Anne Kjersti Uhlen (NMBU), Knut Einar Rosendahl (NMBU)
    SecretaryHans Fredrik Hoen

    *The election period for these members is 1 year, according to election rules §4, nr 2. 

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