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Her er Ida Tarjem (til høyre) ammen med to av de ansatte hun jobbet med på laben ved the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture.

East African Farmers Positive to GMOs

Imagine the despair you would feel if your crops were destroyed. Perhaps due to drought, an aggressive plant disease or pests, or nutrient deficient soil? And back at home you have many hungry mouths to feed.

Bjørnemor med unger

Hunting turns bear cubs into mama’s boys (and girls)

Human hunting changes brown bear reproductive strategies, so that the cubs stay with their mother longer. As a result, the females have fewer offspring, but grow older. This unexpected finding has just been published in Nature Communications. 

Refugee camp

Security on the move

After decades of violent conflict, large numbers of Somalis have been displaced and the subsequent migration has contributed to the growth of cities across the country. This NMBU project, led by Durham University in the UK, will investigate links between urbanization and displacement in Somalia. Read more in the project’s first report.

Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

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