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  •  It is with great horror that we again learn of terrorist attacks in France and Paris. NMBU wishes to express our deepest sympathies to our 42 French students, employees and your families. 

  • Researchers have discovered that a specific gene plays a very important role in determining whether a salmon returns to spawn as a large or small salmon. They identified the gene and revealed its secret.

  • September marks the official opening of Foods of Norway where researchers and industry partners will collaborate on how Norway’s extensive bioresources can provide a basis for novel feed ingredients. 

  • NMBU is to coordinate an innovative new three-year educational programme in landscape democracy.

  • NMBU has launched a campaign in support of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). The goal is to collect 150,000 NOK over the course of two months. Please help us in showing our support to refugees!



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Themes from the research at NMBU: Climate, Environment, Food and Veterinary Science.

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