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Mother bear uses human shields

For a mother brown bear in Scandinavia, few sights are as terrifying as a strange male. A new study suggests that smart mama bears have found a surprising way to protect their young. To shield her cubs, mom just has to raise them near an adult bear’s number one enemy: humans.

A small nudge towards a healthier choice

Every day we have to make a lot of choices when it comes to food: What shall we have for dinner tonight? Do I take salad for lunch, or maybe a slice of pizza? Shall I go for a second helping?

Insects are the future…so let’s do this

These are the words of NMBU PhD Fellow Zabron Nziku and Noragric alumni Alexander Solstad Ringheim and Lukas van der Horst, whose animal-feed company InvertaPro went through to the Norwegian final of the Climate Launchpad, which took place on 15 June in Trondheim.

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