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Terrorist attack in Paris

 It is with great horror that we again learn of terrorist attacks in France and Paris. NMBU wishes to express our deepest sympathies to our 42 French students, employees and your families.


Researchers have discovered that a specific gene plays a very important role in determining whether a salmon returns to spawn as a large or small salmon.

Salmon puberty gene discovered

Researchers have discovered that a specific gene plays a very important role in determining whether a salmon returns to spawn as a large or small salmon. They identified the gene and revealed its secret.


Partners ready for Foods of Norway

September marks the official opening of Foods of Norway where researchers and industry partners will collaborate on how Norway’s extensive bioresources can provide a basis for novel feed ingredients. 


NMBU wants to help!

NMBU has launched a campaign in support of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). The goal is to collect 150,000 NOK over the course of two months. Please help us in showing our support to refugees!

Funnet som får stor betydning for fiskerinæringen: De svarte flekkene i fiskekjøttet skyldes virus.

Riddle of dark spots in salmon solved

Dark spots on the muscle filets of farmed salmon have posed a significant problem for many years. New research has revealed that a virus associated with heart and skeletal muscle inflammation is the cause of the spots.

Xianwen Chen

Chinese boycott of Norwegian salmon industry unsuccessful

China's boycott of Norwegian salmon has affected Chinese consumers more than Norwegian salmon exporters.

Niger flag

State Visit from Niger

A delegation from Niger headed by the country's Prime Minister, H.E. Brigi Rafini, visit NMBU in connection with the planned Noragric project ‘Food Security and Climate Change in Niger’


NMBU Researcher winner of the Queen’s Award

Associate professor Douglas Sheil was June the 3rd given the Queen’s Award for Forestry for his extensive scientific work on forest management and conservation.


Urban birds are not smarter than birds living in the countryside

Bird species living in Oslo does not have bigger brains than species that prefer the countryside.

Happiness is having good finances and a nice neighbourhood.

Does money make us happier?

Surprisingly, the difference between poor and rich is not that great when it comes to happiness.

Hva er årsaken til fedme: Fett eller karbohydrater?

Seminar: Should we focus on sugar, starch or fat

Human nutrition is in a paradigm shift, where dietary recommendations based on hypotheses which proved to be wrong, is to be changed. It's all about the conversion of carbohydrates into fat.

Nepal er et av landene som Hvitserk har aktiviteter i.

Earthquake in Nepal

The management at NMBU has an overview of students and staff at NMBU that are in the area, and have now made contact with everyone.

Delta i 1 minutts stillhet.

One minute silence against attack on universities

The European University Association invites and encourages all European universities to observe one minute’s silence on Monday 27 April 2015 (12:00 CET).

Med ny teknologi blir dyrefôr bedre.

Pellets being produced like clockwork

FôrTek saw a need to improve the production of animal feed and developed a completely new machine. The result will soon be exhibited at the world's largest animal feed fair.

Streptococcus pneumoniae stjeler DNA fra sine omgivelser.

The bacteria that steals DNA from its surroundings

Imagine that you easily and elegantly obtained the DNA from your surroundings that enabled you to grow wings. This is possible. Not for we humans, but for Streptococcus pneumoniae.

Minnemarkering på NMBU for ofrene i terrorangrepet ved Universitetet i Garissa, Kenya.

Memorial ceremony for Kenya massacre

"An attack on a university is an attack on all of us," NMBU's Rector said after a commemoration for the victims of last week’s deadly terrorist attack on a university in Kenya.

Teknikker Liubov Vasenko og stipendiat Lelum Manamperuma.

From aquatic nuisance to terrestrial blessing

Phosphorus is an essential nutrient in all plant production, but phosphorus reserves are now being depleted at an ever quicker rate. This is a threat to food safety.

Ingrid Nyborg

NMBU to coordinate EU-funded research project on policing post-conflict areas

NMBU-coordinated research on police reform in post-conflict areas such as Afghanistan receives Horizon 2020 funding from the EU.

Fargestoffer i frukt, bær og grønnsaker virker positivt på vår helse.

Jam making the Norwegian-Bosnian way

Did you know that jam and biscuit making can lead to a PhD?

 Kurs i plantemorfologi og spiring på Vollebekk, UMB. På bildet: Spirer av solsikke.

Conference: PlantBio 2014

The Norwegian PlantBio 2014 Conference takes place on 3 - 4 November 2014, at Quality Airport Hotel Gardermoen, Norway

The enzyme discovery has led to a breakthrough in understanding how the cell wall is split.

Enzyme discovery offers hope of a new generation of antibiotics

Antibiotic resistance is one of our time's gravest threats. New research on cell division offers hope of developing a new generation of antibiotics that can meet the challenge.

Mari Sundli Tveit, UMB.

NMBU and the National Budget

NMBU sees the introduction of a student fee for students outside of the EU as proposed in the National Budget, as an unfortunate development.

A miniseminar on food, nutrition and healthy agening.

Healthy Eating after 60

A miniseminar on food, nutrition and healthy agening.

Genomet i brødhvete er kartlagt.

A major step towards better wheat

A new research breakthrough will help increase food security worldwide by enabling us to develop more robust and better wheat varieties in the years ahead.

Karbohydrater fra trær kan hentes ut og brukes som tilsetting i matvarer i fremtiden.

We'll eat trees in the future

The discovery of special enzymes may alter our diets – and the way we look at trees.


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