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NMBU with official delegation at the UN conference on climate change

NMBU has been granted Permanent Observer Status at the conferences of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Mr. Leong Bin Chia and pro-rector Halvor Hektoen signed the MoU

Memorandum of understanding (MoU) for new research programme

A Memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, Singapore, and Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Norway was signed October 11, 2016. 

Preikestolen, Lysefjorden.

A survival guide for Norwegian nature

Norwegian nature can be as stunning as it can be terrifying. Foreigners can easily be caught off guard if unprepared, so here is a quick survival guide for non-Norwegians eager to sample the best of Norwegian nature.


Using Virtual Reality for peace, planning and preservation

NMBU-researcher invited to give talk to UN-seminar on peace in the Middle East about innovative use for Virtual Reality technology.

William Warner

NMBU’s Education Prize goes to William Warner and the Writing Centre

The Education Prize is awarded biennially by the NMBU University Board.  This year, 100 000 NOK was presented to Bill Warner at the matriculation ceremony for new students.


CERAD director awarded with the title of the Honorary Professor

Professor of Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Director of the Centre for Environmental Radioactivity, Academician of Norwegian Academy of Sciences Brit Salbu was awarded with the title of the Honorary Professor of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences, Ukraine.


Mother bear uses human shields

For a mother brown bear in Scandinavia, few sights are as terrifying as a strange male. A new study suggests that smart mama bears have found a surprising way to protect their young. To shield her cubs, mom just has to raise them near an adult bear’s number one enemy: humans.

Black soldier fly in the pupal phase.

Insects are the future…so let’s do this

These are the words of NMBU PhD Fellow Zabron Nziku and Noragric alumni Alexander Solstad Ringheim and Lukas van der Horst, whose animal-feed company InvertaPro went through to the Norwegian final of the Climate Launchpad, which took place on 15 June in Trondheim.

Ismet Nikqi med sementblanderen som rommer nyvinningen i fôrproduksjonen. Nikqi, som opprinnelig er fra Kosovo, ble headhuntet til NMBU da FôrTek åpnet i 1997.

Pitted paddles for the pellets is history, gentle touch is the new saying

Take one inventive head, add one cement mixer, and then fish farmers and feed producers can save money as well as labour.

Theo Meuwissen

Developed genomic selection – honoured with prestigious award

NMBU-professor Theo Meuwissen has had a major impact on the genetic improvement of livestock and crops. On May 1st he receives the John J. Carty Award for the Advancement of Science in Washington DC.

Kiira Vuoristo and David Lapeña Gomez will be using the new biorefinery.

Small-scale biorefinery ready for trials

Processing technology is essential to develop novel feeds. Kiira Vuoristo has been responsible for developing NMBU’s new fermentation platform. “The platform is ready to be implemented and we can soon start our first trial”, she says.

Bulldog  er en rase med store helseproblemer. Avlen har gjort at den har problemer med å bevege seg på grunn av de vinklende bena og hofteleddsdysplasi, den har pusteproblemer på grunn av det butte fjeset og problemer i forbindelse med fødsler på grunn av det store hodet.

The companion dog – a life with defects and diseases

Many companion dogs are bred for a life with genetic defects and illnesses due to breed standards not compatible with a functional exterior.


NMBU-researchers have developed new model for vaccine trials in tilapia

“As far as we know, vaccine trials on tilapia have never been conducted in Norway before,” said the researcher primarily involved in the development of the new model.


NMBU-researcher makes new discoveries concerning gut flora and health

New model for animal experiments could be crucial to our understanding of human health.

Stig Jarle Hansen

"Al-Shabaab will destroy the peace"

Stig Jarle Hansen talks to NRK about last night's attacks at Lido Beach in Mogadishu in which at least 17 were killed. Hansen was at Lido Beach just 3 days ago.  


Many dogs have rat poison in their bodies

Studies conducted at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences show that one in five dogs has rat poison in its body.


NMBU to play key role in new research project on how pollution affects cod

NMBU-researchers to take part in groundbreaking, new research project on how cod react and adapt to to stressors in the environment.

Anne Willumsen i labforsøk på VA-teknisk forsøkslaboratorium ved NMBU.

Aim to educate the best water engineers

Clean Norwegian drinking water should not be taken for granted. Climate change will make access to and use of water increasingly more important. Students must face this future with the required expertise.

Grisen fôres i dag hovedsakelig opp på importert soya.

Pork ribs get greener

Imported soya is used as one of the major protein sources in diets for pigs. But now pigs will become more environmentally friendly.

I Regnbyge 3M jobber Kaia Bing og Jon Arne Engan med hvordan ledningsnett og renseanlegg kan utnyttes optimalt. Det kan spare både miljø og økonomi.

Taking charge of flood water

In the years ahead, more and heavier rain will fall. Researchers are working on innovative solutions that will save both money and the environment.

Chaplain Kenyi Wani (left) and Victoria Matatio Elia show where South Sudan is on the map.

Peace through education

A NORHED project at NMBU, 'Democratic and economic governance and peace building in South Sudan and Ethiopia' works with the University of Juba. Two of the project's PhD students are currently at Noragric.


New research project will contribute to more sustainable fish farming

NMBU-led project receives millions of Norwegian kroner in funding for salmon research that will contribute to green change.


Renewed fight against brain disease

NMBU is participating in an important new research project in which multiple disciplines will work closely together to answer questions concerning the brain and disease.


Millions in funding for NMBU-research under FRIPRO-scheme

NMBU's scientists are making an even greater mark than last year in this year's allocation of funding for independent projects from The Research Council of Norway.

Iskemi er ein forløpar for eit fullt hjarteinfarkt. Matematikk og EKG-målingar kan nyttast for å avdekkje slike iskemi.

Detecting heart attacks in advance

Imagine if a developing heart attack could be detected by combining ECGs with mathematical calculations. 


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