Humanitarian policy and practice in a changing climate

New and innovative thinking is needed to link short-term emergency humanitarian responses to longer-term sustainable adaptation to climate change.

NMBU-student advises Orkla on sustainability

NMBU-student Lauren Guido has been selected to be on a student innovation team researching how Orkla can become become more attractive for the new generation of consumers through sustainability.

Academic voluntary aid in practice

Khaled Khalil was educated as a food scientist in Syria. He now works in a traineeship in the dairy at  NMBU.

New centre for environmentally-friendly energy

The new research centre for environmentally-friendly energy (forskningssenteret for miljøvennlig energi, FME) has been named the Norwegian Centre for Sustainable Bio-based Fuels and Energy.

Is Africa rising or reeling? New York Times on NMBU-research

The narrative of Africa rising was too rosy and based on inaccurate data, NMBU-Professor Morten Jerven tells The New York Times.

The companion dog – a life with defects and diseases

Many companion dogs are bred for a life with genetic defects and illnesses due to breed standards not compatible with a functional exterior.

Small-scale biorefinery ready for trials

Processing technology is essential to develop novel feeds. Kiira Vuoristo has been responsible for developing NMBU’s new fermentation platform. “The platform is ready to be implemented and we can soon start our first trial”, she says.

"Al-Shabaab will destroy the peace"

Stig Jarle Hansen talks to NRK about last night's attacks at Lido Beach in Mogadishu in which at least 17 were killed. Hansen was at Lido Beach just 3 days ago.  

NMBU-researcher makes new discoveries concerning gut flora and health

New model for animal experiments could be crucial to our understanding of human health.

We believe in health apps

More than half the users of health and diet apps believe the app really works.


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