Easier for women in Ethiopia to own land with land registration

Digitisation has drastically reduced the costs involved in registering owners of cultivated land. This has made large-scale land registration, which in particular strengthens women's rights in societies where they have a weak position, more relevant for developing countries.


Tax evaders exposed: why the super-rich are even richer than we thought

Read Annette Alstadsæter, Niels Johannesen and Gabriel Zucman in The Guardian.


Find your dream tree with a digitalised forest

Whether you are looking for wood without knots for your skirting board or the perfect Christmas tree, a "digitalised" forest makes it easier to find your dream tree – without having to go into the forest.

Bildet er fra NMBUs fjøs på Ås. Kua velger selv når den skal melkes og får kraftfôr samtidig. Vask av spener og melking går helt automatisk

The dairy farm, minute-by-minute

When technology development gives us more real-time monitoring of life in the dairy farm, we can virtually follow the cows minute by minute. 


SINTEF and NMBU join forces on seaweed

The future prospects for value creation from seaweed are promising. Innovation and commercialization depend heavily on collaboration across sectors. Foods of Norway and SINTEF Ocean will continue to exchange knowledge on seaweed.


Better urban planning with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality can help facilitate more informed discussions between stakeholders in urban planning projects and lead to more transparency – resulting in better and fairer processes, says researcher.


NMBU-researchers found agent against resistant bacteria

Researchers at NMBU have found a protein that can dismantle resistant bacteria of the type recently found at Sørlandet Hospital, Nationen reports.

Thorvald II robot

Farm robot Thorvald can help improve crop yields

Meet Thorvald: The helpful robot farmer who may become the strawberry farmer's best friend. Among Thorvald’s many talents is preventing mildew from damaging plants without the need for pesticides.

I tillegg til fôrplanter inneholder grasfamilien også matplantene som kornartene hvete, rug og bygg .

How many tons of food are we willing to throw away in order to prevent one case of cancer?

We must dare to ask ourselves whether it is such a good idea to keep the legal limits for arsenic and radiation in food as low as possible, says our PhD-student Yevgeniya Tomkiv


Caught in the mesh: Scandinavian bears in the road network

Recent research shows that roads pose resistance to movements in Swedish bear populations.


Can piglets eat trees?

Our research has recently demonstrated that salmon thrives on a feed with proteins derived from trees. How will small pigs react?

Kick-off seminar, Bio4Fuels, 9 februar 2017

Kickoff for national initiative for advanced biofuels

February 9, 2017, the Norwegian Centre for Sustainable Bio-based Fuel and Energy, Bio4Fuels, kicked off. Within an 8-year time frame, the centre will develop innovative technology to convert biomass and organic residues to sustainable fuels and energy

A farmer on the outskirts of Lilongwe, Malawi prepares a field for planting.

Humanitarian policy and practice in a changing climate

New and innovative thinking is needed to link short-term emergency humanitarian responses to longer-term sustainable adaptation to climate change.

Khaled Khalil har med sin bakgrunn i meierifag fra Aleppo fått praksisplass på NMBU som en del av den Akademiske dugnaden.

Academic voluntary aid in practice

Khaled Khalil was educated as a food scientist in Syria. He now works in a traineeship in the dairy at  NMBU.

Lauren Guido

NMBU-student advises Orkla on sustainability

NMBU-student Lauren Guido has been selected to be on a student innovation team researching how Orkla can become become more attractive for the new generation of consumers through sustainability.


New centre for environmentally-friendly energy

The new research centre for environmentally-friendly energy (forskningssenteret for miljøvennlig energi, FME) has been named the Norwegian Centre for Sustainable Bio-based Fuels and Energy.

Glade prisvinnere fra NMBU mottok prisen på NOKUTs konferanse "Utdanningsfest" 1. november 2016.

NMBU wins 2016 Education Quality Award

Yesterday NMBU and the Department of Plant Sciences was presented with the prestigious 2016 Education Quality Award by Minister of Education Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, for its work on educating agroecologists.

NMBUs stand på Forskningstorget i Oslo

A small nudge towards a healthier choice

Every day we have to make a lot of choices when it comes to food: What shall we have for dinner tonight? Do I take salad for lunch, or maybe a slice of pizza? Shall I go for a second helping?


A milestone for sustainable aquaculture is reached

The Atlantic salmon genome has been sequenced and it’s potential to safeguard sustainable growth in aquaculture, fewer problems with salmon lice and improved health in the future is only a mouse-click away.

Vi har tro på helse- og kostholdsapper.

We believe in health apps

More than half the users of health and diet apps believe the app really works.

Framtidas Giske?

NMBU students designing the communities of the future

Seven landscape architecture students from NMBU recently presented their vision for the future development of Giske municipality in Sunnmøre. "The results are very useful. The students have generated enthusiasm and optimism."


New programme to democratize landscape planning

NMBU is to coordinate an innovative new three-year educational programme in landscape democracy.

Høyt gulost-inntak gir ikke endring i kolestrolet, viser ny forskning.

The effect of cheese on our health

Even though Norvegia cheese contains 27% fat, new research shows that people who ate 80 grams of Norvegia a day did not experience any change in their cholesterol.


Is Africa rising or reeling? New York Times on NMBU-research

The narrative of Africa rising was too rosy and based on inaccurate data, NMBU-Professor Morten Jerven tells The New York Times.

United Nations flag

NMBU with official delegation at the UN conference on climate change

NMBU has been granted Permanent Observer Status at the conferences of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).


Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

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