Seminar on food and health

Matsatsingen is pleased to announce a special seminar on food and health as related to economic resources, environments and behaviors.

Seminar on food and health

Welcome to seminar on June 17th.
Welcome to seminar on June 17th. Photo: Shuterstock

17. June 2014
, NMBU Campus Ås



11.00 Welcome by Prof. Bjørg Egelandsdal

11.05 Are you what you eat? — Health, wealth, food and happiness
Prof. Shripad Tuljapurkar, Dean and Virginia Morrison Professor of Population Studies, Professor of Biology, and Director, Center for Population Research, Stanford University, School of Humanities & Sciences. 
Introduction by Prof. Gro V. Amdam

11.50 Discussion 

12.30 Lunch, Vitenparken

13.05 How sharing food within and between families shapes the life histories of humans and other species
Prof. Ron D. Lee, Edward G. & Nancy S. Jordan Family Professor of Economics, Professor of Demography, and Director of Center on Economics and Demography of Aging, University of California, Berkeley, Department of Economics.
Introduction by Dr. Marije Oostindjer 

13.50 Discussion

14.00 Closing comments by Prorektor Halvor Hektoen


Prof. Tuljapurkar’s group at Stanford University studies topics such as evolutionary ecology, human demographic change and contemporary societies, prehistory and human evolution. They ask a wide variety of questions, including how current food environments influence people. Prof. Tuljapurkar has developed a food-dependent demography framework that may be applied to current eating behavior in developed countries, patterns of consumption in different socioeconomic groups, and our health span.

Prof. Lee’s group at University of California, Berkeley studies the intergenerational flow of resources in the public and private sectors. They ask questions about our changing economic life cycles with consequences for food consumption and health in populations. Prof. Lee’s framework of intergenerational resource transfers provides a basis for understanding aging in social species, and deepens our insights into the evolution of food sharing, division of labor, and social budgets in humans.

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