New research centre for Landscape Democracy

Next Monday, NMBU is launching the world’s first research centre for landcape democracy.

New research centre for landscape democracy

- This is the first research centre for this topic in the world, said professor Shelley Egoz, who will be heading the new centre, Centre for Landscape Democracy (CLaD).

Among her many merits, Egoz was the principal editor of the first book on landscape and human rights, The Right to Landscape, Contesting Landscape and Human Right, published by Ashgate Publications, UK, in 2011.

Both landscape and democracy comprise identity building blocks of Norwegian society.

According to Egoz, The Bicentennial of the Norwegian constitution this year is an opportunity for the Norwegian research community to promote both the internationalisation of Norwegian research and the significance of democracy and landscape to Norwegian identity.

This is done by taking on a leadership role in the emerging research and discourse arena of Landscape Democracy.

- Constitutional ideals of democracy, human rights, equality and freedom have a tangible landscape dimension. Democracy as an ideal is rooted in free debate in public space: landscape is the spatial materialisation of democracy. At this time of global environmental and economic challenges driving increasing social tensions, there is urgent need for on-going discussion about the role of landscape in society, and relevant insights and knowledge to address such situations, said Egoz.

On Monday 16 June NMBU’s Deartment of Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning is launching a new International Research Centre on Landscape Democracy (CLaD). The launching event is an open seminar with invited keynote speakers who are considered internationally as the pillars of scholarly work on Landscape Democracy.

Published 2. September 2014 - 9:44 - Updated 7. June 2018 - 14:43