Minister of International Development Heikki Holms to UMB

On Monday 22 April, Norway’s Minister of International Development, Mr. Heikki Eidsvoll Holmås will visit UMB in the framework of a lunch debate jointly organized by the Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the University of Life Sciences (UMB).

Minister of international development heikki holmas to umb

Utviklingsminister Heikki Holms
Utviklingsminister Heikki Holms Photo: Hkon Sparre
The debate will focus on the government’s new white paper “Sharing for prosperity: promoting democracy, fair distribution and growth in development policy”, and will take place in English.

Does the increased focus on fair distribution constitute a “paradigm shift” for Norway’s development policy? If yes, what will change? How will it impact partners in developing countries? Can a small country in the far North really contribute to a more fair distribution of power and resources in the world? And is fair distribution the key to poverty eradication?
“Fair distribution: a new paradigm for Norway’s development policy?”

Place: Festsalen (Urbygningen), Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås – directions here
Time: Monday 22. April, 12.15 – 13:45 (Sandwich lunch from 12.00)
Introduction by Heikki E. Holmås, Minister of International Development,
followed by discussion with:

Liv Tørres, Secretary General, Norwegian People’s Aid
Ruth Haug, Professor, UMB

Questions from the audience

Moderator: Poul Wisborg, Associate Professor and Head of Department, Noragric, UMB

New white paper: fair distribution is key to development

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