Welcome to the grundercamp

Welcome to the Grndercamp

Participate in the UMB Competition in Entrepreneurship (9th to 10th of February) to win a “A top business manager for one day” and 5000 NOK.

Welcome to the grundercamp

A real life task from local business is given to be solved within a limited time period. The problem is solved in groups of four to five students. ”A top manager for one day” and 5000 NOK will be awarded to the winners. Register and get to inspirational days of problem solving under guiding from professionals.

What is in it for you:
· Exeptional days of creativity
· New ways of thinking
· Relationship building between students and business life 
· A valuable experience for a future job 

Registration to:

Deadline: 5th of February.

For more information please visit:

Show up at Urbygningen on 9th of February.

Official opening speech by Rector Knut Hove. Free lunch on Tuesday.

PLAKAT: Slik profilerer UMB meisterskapet.
PLAKAT: Slik profilerer UMB meisterskapet. Photo:
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