Tickets still available for umb nvh days in uka

Tickets still available for UMB-NVH-days in UKA

There are still some tickets available for employees, but the last chance to collect your tickets is Friday, 10 October. After this date, these tickets will also be available to students.

Tickets still available for umb nvh days in uka

Employees can collect tickets and buy things in the blue-painted hut by the konomibygning (Economy building). You should check the opening times.

You will find the full programme for UMB-NVH-days during UKA here.

The revue
There will be one revue performance on 23 October and the seats will soon be filled up. So, if you want to see the performance from the comfort of your own plastic chair, you will have to get there early or risk having to sit on the stairs. Or you can see the revue another day. Or you can while away the time in the restaurant.
After the revue, there will be a gigantic party with plenty of room for everyone.

Tickets can be collected from the following:
Dagcafen, Samfunnet, 1st floor: Monday-Friday 12-18.
Aud.Max, Ticket window: Monday-Saturday 16-20 and at the arrangement Heslig bl effect and at the Ticket Hut by konomibuilding: Wedneday-Friday 10-14.

Take your employee card with you when you collect your ticket and also to the party.

Tickets must be exchanged for armbands before the party. These function as proof of entry. This exchange must be made between 16.00 and 21.00 hours.

Fun for all the family - 12 October
"Gy p landet" (Fun in the countryside) is the annual family arrangment during UKA in s where there are activities for both big and small. This is the day when the animals are let out so everyone can learn a little about our domestic and farm animals. There will be many arrangements such as jumping in the hay, nature paths, "tractor driving", horseriding and much, much more. Every hour there will be different activities in different parts of the campus. These will be both entertaining and informative. You will also be able to buy everything from cakes and pastries to textiles. The arrangements are out of doors with free entry. There will be sales of sausages, waffles, coffee and juice.

The complete programme for the children's arrangement during UKA can be found here. (Norwegian)

More information on UKA can be found here.

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