Specialisation and cooperation

Specialisation and cooperation

For research funds to end up in the Oslo and Akershus regions, universities and university colleges must specialize and cooperate where possible.

Specialisation and cooperation

[PHOTO MISSING]The four rectors in the Universitetsalliansen OSLO represent the University of Oslo, Norwegian University for Life Sciences, Akershus University College and Oslo University College. The alliance to strengthen and profile research and education in Oslo and its surrounds has already begun, amongst other things, in discipline of education and a report on the natural sciences disciplines is under way.

Lack of humnan resources
"We need more human resources in the health and care sector. In teaching this, we have to find the right balance between theory and practice. More and more adult students will be requesting higher education.
Study programmes will have to be orientated towards master level and more academic. The best thing we can do is to co-operate with others. We can be partners and support each others expertise", says Rector Knut Hove at UMB.

"We know that the commercial sector will invest in the A-team. If we specialize more in each institution, we can also create new combinations that couldn't be possible within each institution."

"But if such co-operation is to succeed, academic staff at ground level must believe that there are grounds for co-operation", says Grund.

This report is taken from an article in the university college magazine "HiO-nytt".

Read the whole article here (in Norwegian).

Published 2. September 2014 - 10:20 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:44