Sorhellinga building officially handed over to umb

Srhellinga Building officially handed over to UMB

Minister Tora Aasland has officially handed over the restored Srhellinga Building to Knut Hove, the Rector of the University for Life Sciences, UMB.

Sorhellinga building officially handed over to umb

[PHOTO MISSING]The Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property (Statsbygg) has newly completed the restoration of the premises that house the universitys Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management (INA).

Srhellinga Building
The Srhellinga Building was built in 1979. The reason for the restoration was to open up the building and to make it more accessible as well as to upgrade the building to make it more suitable for future use. The area of the building is 10,170 m2.

Environment-friendly technology
Emphasis has been put on environment-friendly technology and the building has vaccuum toilets, separate drainage systems for grey water and black water and a separate water supply for flushing toilets. Before the end of Autumn 2008, the grey water will be lead away for biological cleaning through an external biofilter that UMB is building on the south side of the road (Hgskoleveien).

The Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management is now concentrated in premises that are well adjusted to the departments research and education activities. The building is new and up-to-date with good teaching rooms and group rooms as well as work places for the students. Area usage is more optimal than in the original building.

Building work
A main challange has been to change a rectangular, dark and deep building of four floors into a building where daylight can penetrate everywhere. Therefore, two inside courtyards lit by daylight were established towards each end of the building as well as a long light shaft running down the middle area. The opening up of the inner areas of the building with courtyards, light shaft and use of glass in internal walls has resulted in a light, open and user-friendly building. Only cemented areas, cement pillars and two end walls in brick were retained when the restoration was started. Solid wood has been used on the long north and south facades.

Building project
The restoration of Srhellinga building was commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Research. Restoration was started in Autumn 2006 and completed ready for the start of the academic year in August 2008. The cost of the project amounted to NOK 181,875,000.

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