Matriculation of new students

Matriculation of new students

On 15 August 2008, 790 students were matriculated in a packed Aud. Max. at the University for Life Sciences.

Matriculation of new students

[PHOTO MISSING]Students were presented with their Certificates of Matriculation and welcomed to UMB by the Rector and the Heads of Department. There were student representatives from Norways 19 counties.

UMB increases
UMB has experienced an increase of 6.9% in the number of applicants applying for study places this year. This is despite the fact that the job market is very good and there is a national decrease in applications for higher education. The new Bachelor study programme in Renewable Energy wass particularly popular amongst applicants. In practical terms, this means that 1,150 new students will find their way to the university this autumn. Fifty four percent of these are women.

Multicultural and international
As many as 193 of the new students come from other nations, representing 41 countries. They contribute towards maintaining the international participation at UMB of 15% of the universitys 3,000 students. This makes UMB Norways most multicultural and international campus.

Social education important
In his welcoming speech to the students at the matriculation ceremony, Professor Knut Hove, Rector, emphasized the importance of the social environment at the university.

Reading rooms, laboratories and data machines are all necessary tools for learning, but in themselves they do not provide adequate content to life. You should therefore establish a strong, social network, said the Rector. He saw no reason for uneasiness when students redirect their focus from education to voluntary work, life and fun during UKA 2008 in October this year.

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