Historic decision for umb

- Historic Decision for UMB

- The government's decision to co-locate the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (NVH, presently located in Oslo) and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) here in s is the best news we could hope for. It is a historic decision, as it entails the most important challenge in our institution's nearly 150-year long history. The government is setting up the development of a completely new research and education institution, and together with NVH we will do our utmost to realize this challenge.

Historic decision for umb

[PHOTO MISSING]This is UMB-Rector Knut Hove's comment on the government's proposal to relocating both NVH and the National Veterinary Institute to s. Dr. Hove emphasizes that the decision was based on academic considerations, and underlines that both NVH and UMB will benefit from co-locating.

- As the government now aims to create a new university, where the focus will be on bioproduction, food science, aquaculture and veterinary science, it is truly a historic decision. This applies especially to the potential for developing a comprehensive and forward-looking approach to food safety, which is one of the biggest challenges we will be facing in the years ahead.

Together with NVH, UMB will be able to create such a new university, with vital support from the National Veterinary Institute and the other institutions already well established on Campus s.

Focusing on possibilities
The government's decision provides a boost to both NVH and UMB, but a formidable task lies ahead. Both institutions will continue to closely cooperate with the University of Oslo. Nevertheless, establishing a new research and education institution presents considerable challenges for both organizations.

- However, this process generates new possibilities, and that's what is most important. Both NVH and UMB are relatively small institutions, but together we can create a much larger and stronger academic environment, with both scientific and other kinds of synergies. This will enable us to develop new ways to find solutions, and enhance our national and international standings. This is one of the most gratifying aspects of the government's decision, says Knut Hove.

He adds that UMB has sufficient land and development resources to meet the needs of the new institution. Co-locating the institutions implies the construction of new buildings for both NVH and the National Veterinary Institute, and UMB is ready to immediately start the process of realizing a university for the future.

- NVH and UMB have waited long enough for a political clarification of this issue. So that is another reason for our satisfaction with the government's decision, concludes Rector Knut Hove.

Published 2. September 2014 - 10:20 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:46