Help with muscle and skeleton problems

Help with muscle and skeleton problems

UMB can now offer the therapy programme Neurac method. This programme can give immediate relief from acute or chronic muscle and skeleton pains.

Help with muscle and skeleton problems

[PHOTO MISSING]UMB has had Redcord-therapy training for employees for nearly a year. Many employees have aleady taken part in individual or group training organised by Follo Bedriftshelsetjeneste (occupational health service). The treatment has been for:

1. Preventive training for stress and damages for healthy employees (group training)
2. Prevention of employees disappearing from work on sick leave because of painful ailments (individual training)
3. Helping employees on sick leave to return to work (Neurac).

Return to work
NAV has granted UMB a subsidy for organising the therapy programme Neurac for employees who belong to group 3. Neurac, a new method developed by Redcord for treating muscle and skeletal problems, activites the deactivated muscles, restoring normal function. It can also give immediate relief from acute or chronic pain, often after only one treatment.

If you have been on sick leave the last 6 months or if you are on sick leave because of muscle and skeletal afflictions, you are very welcome to come to an information meeting on the treatment.

Information meeting
An information meeting will be held on:
Thursday, 16 October at 13.00 hours in the Blue Room, Economy building.
Contact person: Lena Kjbli Grnflaten, Personnel and organisation department., tlf. 5975.

The offer is open to 20 employees in the first instance. The offer will be extended later.
Treatment starts in week 43 (20-24 October).

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What is Neurac?
Research has shown that physical inactivity or pain can deactivate one or more muscles, forcing other muscles to compensate and become stressed or over-worked. This often leads to movement dysfunction and pain.

Redcords newly developed muscle activation treatment, Neurac, (neuromusculare activasation) aims to activate deactivated or partially deactivated muscles. This often causes immediate relief from acute and chronic muscle pain in just one treatment. Through vibration of the ropes in Redcord Stimula, the signal effect is strengthened and the results of the treatment are often improved.

Redcord Stimula enables controlled vibrations (frequency, applied energy level, vibration pattern and time) that is applied locally in closed kinetic chain. This is done through special techniques and positions using Redcord equipment and workstations.

How does Neurac teatment actually work?

1. One of our physiotherapists gives an individual examination to establish weaknesses in the inner and outer muscles and the interaction between these. The programme consists of controlled, pain free exercises in slings.

2. Based on the results of the examinaton, Neurac therapy is given to activate the musckles and strengthen weak muscles. This can often cause immediate relief from acute and chronic muscle pain in just one treatment.

3. The physiotherapist recommends an tailored training programme to maintain and improve the achieved results of the first consultation.

4. Follow-up treatment and advice are necessary for long-term results.

5. Experience has shown that for long-term benefits individual training should combine tailored Redcord training and own training at home.

More information on Redcord and the Neurac method can be found here.

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