Eus fp7 for beginners

EU's FP7 for beginners

The Department of Research welcomes researchers, PhD students and administrative employees to EU's FP7 Awareness Workshop on 29 October.

Eus fp7 for beginners

[PHOTO MISSING]UMB has a cooperation agreement with the English consultant company PERA to help and advise academic employees who are planning or applying for projects under 7RP.

As part of this agreement, PERA is offering a workshop for researchers, PhD students and administrative employees with little or no knowledge of FP7.

FP7 Awareness Workshop
This is a half day training course targeted at those unfamiliar with FP7; offering an introduction to FP7 and outlining how to begin participating. The course includes practical activities using tools and resources provided by Pera.

Target Audience:
Researchers, PhD students and administrative employees who are new to FP7

- to provide a basic overview of the structure and benefits of FP7
- to demonstrate the tools required to plan a proposal
- to outline Peras support to the university in this process

Date: 29 October
Time: 12.15 - 15.35
Place: Room BT 3A.16 (Rossings rom), 2nd Floor Biotechnology Building.

You can find the programme here.

Application to :
Colin Murphy, Dept. of Research
Tel.: 64965039/90261618

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