Constructive merger debate

Constructive merger debate

The leader of the Interim Board for the merger process, Arild Underdal, noted goodwill and a positive atmosphere at UMB's board seminar on academic and organisational aims for the new university.

Constructive merger debate

[PHOTO MISSING]Synergy and critical minimum mass for research groups and the organisation of the new university are central concerns for the new Interim Board that will be appointed this autumn under the leadership of Arild Underdal. The departments, IPM, ILP and INA presented their evaluations and these formed a basis for discussions.

Right size by 2018
The Rector's vision for the new university is 5,000 students. The students will be divided into three main study areas: social sciences, biological sciences and technology sciences. If today's development continues, there will be an equal division between these areas when the merger is completed. This will be in 2018.

Institutions on s campus
Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute (Bioforsk), the Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute (Skog og Landskap) and Nofima Food and Nofima Marine on s campus are key actors in creating a viable specialist environment in the future. The on-campus institutions do not want to be forgotten in the process. "We have to take part in order to contribute", said Arne Bardalen, Director of the Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institut during the seminar.

Broad representation
The leader of the Interim Board, Professor Arild Underdal and Director General Toril Johansson from the Ministry of Education and Research were at the seminar. Rector Lars Moe and Prorector Yngvild Wasteson from the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science were also there. The National Veterinary Institute and the Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute were also represented.

Published 2. September 2014 - 10:20 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:45