Berit nordskog phd lecture and defence

Berit Nordskog - PhD - Lecture and Defence

Berit Nordskog will lecture on and defend her PhD on epidemiology of lettuce on Friday the 24th of November.

Berit nordskog phd lecture and defence

Berit Nordskog - Lecture and Defence

Studies on the epidemiology of lettuce downy mildew (Bremia lactucae Regel), including a survey of fungal pathogens in field lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) in Norway.

Subject of Lecture:
Plant disease forecasting systems based on weather forecasts: Principles and critical review of existing systems, and potential for the future.

Time and place:
Friday 24th of November at 12.15
The Auditorium in the 'Plantevernbygningen'

Professor Leif Sundheim
Professor David M. Gadoury
Forskningsleder Arne Hermansen

Evaluation committee:
Professor Ariena H.V. van Bruggen
Professor Jonathan Yuen
Professor Arild Andersen

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