BioSpec Digital Summer School 2020

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    Volha Akulava

Norwegian University of Life Sciences, together with Belarusian State University and United Institute of Informatics Problems (National Academy of Sciences of Belarus), is organizing a digital, interdiciplinary summer school for Master and PhD students dedicated to analysis of biological data in infrared spectroscopy. 

Date: June 15th - June 20th

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Maximum number of students: 25

Registration is open until May 1st.

Attendees will be introduced to the basics in cell biology, machine learning and physics of infrared absorption, explained by renowned scientists in the corresponding fields. The main aim of summer school is to provide experience in solving a complex research problem in a multidisciplinary team. Students in biology, physics and computer science will work together on a two-day project culminating in a project defense and a presentation session for early-stage researchers to share their research findings with other participants. 

Completely digital

The summer school will be completely digital, all lectures will be given online through video, group work will be online, and we will provide help through video.


Once you have registered and payed the fee, we will send you a link to the pre-course material. The pre-course includes several videos you have to watch, where each video has questions attached to it that you have to answer. You will not be able to participate in the summer school unless you pass the pre-course.

The pre-course questions should be handed in before June 1st.

Note that the pre-course material is quite time consuming. Do not put it off until the last day. 


  • Cell biology
  • Spectroscopic methods
  • Light scattering and pre-processing
  • Data pre-treatment
  • Analytical methods used in biology
  • PCA
  • Clustering
  • Basic regression, multi-block, PLSR
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • FTIR-imaging


Certain topics from cell biology, machine learning and spectroscopy will be covered extensively during the summer school. However, participants are expected to have a background in mathematics equivalent to a first-year university course and an intermediate-level English sufficient to participate and be successful in learning process. Solid reasoning, ability to grasp quickly interdisciplinary relations and experience with group work is highly appreciated.

You have to be a master student or higher to attend the summer school.

Preliminary Dates

  • Early February: Registration opens
  • May 1st: Registration closes
  • May 2nd: Acceptence e-mails and payment information sent out
  • May 5th: Pre-courses sent out
  • June 1st: Deadline for delivering pre-course questions
  • June 15th - 20th: Summer school!


The summer school fee is 100 €. The cost cover course materials and administrative expenses.

Funding possibilities

If your institute has an Erasmus agreement with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, you might be eligible for funding covering your travel and accommodation. A list of all universities NMBU has an agreement with can be found here. Note that the page is in Norwegian, but the list of universities should still be possible to read. Please check if your university has an Erasmus agreement with NMBU. If yes, we can provide international contacts at your university upon request. 


Register here!

We will let you know if you have gotten a spot in the summer school after May 1st.


If you have any questions, please contact, Achim Kohler at or Volha Shapaval at

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