Sustainable schools
Sustainable schoolsPhoto: Shutterstock

The Sustainable Schools research group focuses on investigating sustainable school buildings and more specifically massive timber ones.

About the Sustainable Schools group

  • In Europe, the energy consumed in the building sector is applicable for the 40 % of the total energy consumption and 36 % of the greenhouse gas emissions. As the building sector is a considerable GHG emission contributor, new school buildings, occupying a great part of the public building portfolio, have been at the center of a paradigm shift in building design.

    The Sustainable schools research group aims to investigate the flexibility, sustainability, structural properties as well as the project management of massive timber school buildings.

    Main fields of research:

    • Flexibility in school design
    • School Architecture
    • Massive timber schools
    • Life Cycle Analysis
    • Project management of school projects
    • School buildings life span
    • Circularity of school buildings