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Tårnbygning, NMBU

Course: Assessing Risk to Humans and the Environment

Protection of humans and non-human organisms from the contaminants is based on risk assessments. Do you want to learn how it is done? In June 2017, CERAD will co-organize a course on assessment of risk to humans and environment at NMBU, Ås.

Guest lecture

PhD seminar on April 3rd

Nematodes, radiation, multiple stressors and risk communication - there is something interesting for everyone. Five CERAD PhD students will be having their seminars on 3rd of April at room J105 (Soil Building, Fougnerbakken 3), NMBU Campus Ås

Guest lecture

Announcement: Jorke Kamstra, midterm PhD seminar

On Monday, 20th of March 2017, Jorke Kamstra will give his midterm evaluation presentation: Transgenerational effects - DNA methylation in zebrafish.

CERAD CoE will develop an ecosystem based scientific approach to help protect people and the environment from ionizing radiation, with a programme of targeted focused long term research

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