The protein engineering and proteomics group (PEP)

Current research activities

  • Structure-function studies of biomass-converting enzymes and their accessory proteins and domains.
  • Applied enzymology for converting biomass to useful products; biorefining.
  • Biomass-degrading microbial communities; enzyme discovery.
  • Gene expression systems, protein secretion and surface proteomics in lactic acid bacteria.

Much of these reseach is also going on in the research group for Bioprocess Technology and Biorefining (BioRef) headed by professor Svein Horn

We aim at combining high-level basic research with applied studies and innovation. We are currently funded by NMBU, The Research Council of Norway (NFR), EU, Industry, Vista, Norden, ERC (starting grant to group member Pope). 

Publications in Cristin & PubMed



  • Chitin
  • Lignocellulose
  • Proteins
  • Microbial communities and enzyme discovery
  • Fundamental enzyme work and enzyme development
  • Applied enzymology
  • Fermentation technologies (yeast and biogas)
  • LAB-based vaccines


Group members




Photo: Gustav Vaaje-Kolstad


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