The Protein engineering and proteomics group (PEP)

The Protein Engineering and Proteomics Group (PEP)

PEP group



What we do

The PEP-group works on production, engineering, characterization and application of proteins and enzymes, in various contexts, such as biomass processing, bacterial pathogenicity, microbial ecology and vaccine development.

The group is led by group leader Professor Vincent Eijsink and deputy group leader Professor Gustav Vaaje-Kolstad.

About the PEP-group

  • Research group at NMBUs faculty for chemistry, biotechnology and food science. 


  • Chitin
  • Lignocellulose
  • Fundamental enzyme studies and enzyme development
  • Applied enzymology
  • Microbial communities and enzyme discovery
  • Biorefining
  • Fermentation technologies
  • LAB-based vaccines
  • Bacterial virulence
  • Catalyst development

Group leader Professor Vincent Eijsink

Deputy group leader Professor Gustav Vaaje-Kolstad 

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