The Protein Engineering and Proteomics Group (PEP)

Current research activities

  • Structure-function studies of biomass-converting enzymes and their accessory proteins and domains.
  • Applied enzymology and bioprocessing for converting biomass to useful products.
  • Biomass-degrading microbial communities; enzyme discovery.
  • Gene expression systems, protein secretion and surface proteomics in lactic acid bacteria.
  • Discovery and characterization of novel bacterial virulence factors.
  • Development of nature-inspired novel catalysts

Some of this research is done in close collaboration with, or even led by, other groups at NMBU, particularly the Bioprocess Technology and Biorefining (BioRef) group headed by Professor Svein Horn and the MEMO group (Microbial Ecology and Meta-Omics) headed by Associate Professor Phil B. Pope. We also collaborate closely with Professor Morten Sørlie and researcher Åsmund Røhr Kjendseth in the Natural Product Chemistry and Organic Analysis group.


We aim at combining high-level basic research with applied studies and innovation. Our main current funders are NMBU, The Research Council of Norway (NFR), The Novo-Nordisk Foundation, the Horizon 2020 program, ERA-Net, Industry, and the ERC (Synergy grant to Vincent Eijsink).

PEP members take part in the inter-faculty, highly successful MEMO group headed by Phil Pope (MEMO: Microbial Ecology and Meta-Omics). A key strength of our joint work is the coupling of in-depth biochemistry (PEP) to high resolution omics (MEMO), which forms the basis of our merged “PEP-MEMO” activities”

 Publications in Cristin & PubMed


  • Chitin
  • Lignocellulose
  • Fundamental enzyme studies and enzyme development
  • Applied enzymology
  • Microbial communities and enzyme discovery
  • Biorefining
  • Fermentation technologies
  • LAB-based vaccines
  • Bacterial virulence
  • Catalyst development

Group members 


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