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Microbial Ecology and Meta-Omics

The MeMO group





The MEMO group is fascinated by the microbiomes inhabiting important environmental ecosystems, production animals, wild animals and us!

About us:


The MEMO group applies interdisciplinary approaches to study the microbiomes inhabiting important production animals (cows, pigs and salmon), wild herbivores (moose, reindeer) as well as us! We also on occasion delve into commercial biogas reactors that recycle municipal waste in Scandinavia.

Our key research interests are using multi-omic tools to deconvolute the intimate genetic and physiological relationship between the host animal and its microbiome. We combine analytical metadata, biochemistry and growth experiments with metabolic reconstructions of population genomes to visualize flow of metabolites in complex microbiomes, and have used temporal meta-omics and co-expression network analysis to interpret synergistic interactions between fiber-degrading and methanogenic microbial populations. We are now seeking to expand these approaches to envelop additional “molecular layers” from the animal holobiont (i.e. host transcriptome and proteome), a concept otherwise known as “holo-omics”.

We are affiliate members of the Nutrition group and CIGENE at BIOVIT as well as the PEP group at KBM. We are funded by the European Research Council (ERC Starting Grant), The Research Council of Norway (FRIMEDBIO and HAVBRUK), The BlueBio Co-fund (ERA-Net), The European Commission (Horizon 2020) and the Novo Nordisk Foundation(NNF).

 If you are interested in our pubs, pre-prints or projects, check out the links above and follow us on twitter! 


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