Bioprocess Technology and Biorefining (BioRef)

Bioprocess Technology and Biorefining (BioRef)

Medarbeidere og studenter ved Fakultet for kjemi, bioteknologi og matvitenskap - KBM, arbeider med gjær i pilotanlegget for bioraffinering ved NMBU.

Bioprocess Technology and Biorefining (BioRef)

At Bioref, we research enzymology, fermentation, anaerobic digestion and microbial communities. A central topic is processing of lignocellulosic biomass to a range of products.

The group runs a biorefining laboratory which include equipment like a steam explosion unit, hydrolysis reactors, fermentors, ultra/nanofiltration equipment and a spray dryer.

About the Bioref-group

Research group at NMBUs Faculty for chemistry, biotechnology and food science. 

Group leader is professor Svein Jarle Horn.

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 Twitter: @BioRef_NMBU

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Visiting address: Christian Magnus Falsens vei 18, 1433 Ås