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Vincent Eijsink


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I am originally from the Netherlands, have worked at NMBU since 1993 and am currently Professor of Biochemistry (since 1997). I lead a research group called the "Protein Engineering and Proteomics" (PEP)  group and am a member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. My research group works with enzymes, proteins, microbiomes, microbiology, bioprocesses and industrial biotechnology. We work with both very basic and more applied issues.

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I am currently a member of the University Board at NMBU and the Faculty Board at the Faculty of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science.


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  • I contribute to courses in Experimental Biochemistry (KJB201), Protein Chemistry (KJB310), Proteomics (KJB320) and Applied Biocatalysis and Biorefining (BIO335)

  • Together with Gustav Vaaje-Kolstad, I lead a large research group with several members who have their own projects. Our research is primarily funded by the Research Council of Norway, the EU (Horizon & ERC) & the Novo Nordisk Foundation. We participate in several major initiatives and research centers, such as SFI-industrial biotechnology, FME-Bio4Fuels, SFI-Foods of Norway, and teh national infrastructure platforms NorBioLab (biorefining and enzymology) og NAPI (proteomics).

    For more information about the group, our research and our projects, please visit the group website, HERE.

    These publications give an impression of what we have been working with:

    Cost and benefits of processivity in enzymatic degradation of recalcitrant polysaccharides. S.J. Horn, P. Sikorski, J.B. Cederkvist, G. Vaaje-Kolstad, M. Sørlie, B. Synstad, G. Vriend, K.M. Vårum, V.G.H. Eijsink; Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 103 (2006) 18089-18094.

    An oxidative enzyme boosting the enzymatic conversion of recalcitrant polysaccharides; G Vaaje-Kolstad, B Westereng, SJ Horn, Z Liu, H Zhai, M Sørlie, VGH Eijsink. Science, 330 (2010) 219-222.

    Optimization of steam explosion of wheat straw for enzymatic hydrolysis and ethanol fermentation. SJ Horn, QD Nguyen, B Westereng, VGH Eijsink; Biomass & Bioenergy 35 (2011) 4879-4886.

    Metagenomics of the Svalbard reindeer rumen microbiome reveals abundance of polysaccharide utilization loci. PB Pope, AK Mackenzie, AC McHardy, I Gregor, MA Sundset, W Smith, M Morrison, VGH Eijsink; PLoS One 2012;7(6):e38571.

    The chitinolytic machinery of Serratia marcescens - a model system for enzymatic degradation of recalcitrant polysaccharides; Vaaje-Kolstad G, Horn SJ, Sørlie M, Eijsink VGH; FEBS J., 280 (2013) 3028-3049.

    Discovery of LPMO activity on hemicelluloses shows the importance of oxidative processes in plant cell wall degradation; JW Agger, T Isaksen, A Várnai, SV Melgosa, WGT Willats, R Ludwig, SJ Horn, VGH Eijsink, B Westereng; Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 111 (2014) 6287-6292.

    Structural and functional characterization of a conserved pair of bacterial cellulose-oxidizing lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases; Z Forsberg, AK Mackenzie, M Sørlie, ÅK Røhr, R Helland, AS Arvai, G Vaaje-Kolstad, VGH Eijsink; Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 111 (2014) 8446-8451.

    The effect of storage conditions on microbial community composition and biomethane potential in a biogas starter culture; LH Hagen, V Vivekanand, PB Pope, VGH Eijsink, SJ Horn; Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 99 (2015) 5749-5761.

    Extracellular electron transfer systems fuel oxidative cellulose degradation; D Kracher, S Scheiblbrandner, AKG Felice, E Breslmayr, M Preims, K Ludwicka, D Haltrich, VGH Eijsink, R Ludwig; Science 352 (2016) 1098-1101.

    Structural diversity of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases; G Vaaje-Kolstad, Z Forsberg, JSM Loose, B Bissaro, VGH Eijsink. Curr. Opin. Struct. Biol. 44 (2017) 67-76.

    Development of minimal enzyme cocktails for hydrolysis of sulfite-pulped lignocellulosic biomass. P Chylenski, Z Forsberg, J Ståhlberg, M Lersch, O Bengtsson, S Sæbø, SJ Horn, VGH Eijsink. J Biotechnol. 246 (2017) 16-23.

    Development of enzyme cocktails for complete saccharification of chitin using mono-component enzymes from Serratia marcescens; S Mekasha, IR Byman, C Lynch, H Toupalová, L Anděra, T Næs, G Vaaje-Kolstad, VGH Eijsink. Process Biochem. 56 (2017) 132-138.

    Oxidative cleavage of polysaccharides by monocopper enzymes depends on H2O2.B Bissaro, ÅK Røhr, G Müller, P Chylenski, M Skaugen, Z Forsberg, SJ Horn, G Vaaje-Kolstad, VGH Eijsink. Nature Chem Biol. 13(2017) 1123-1128.

    Structure and function of a CE4 deacetylase isolated from a marine environment. TR Tuveng, U Rothweiler, G Udatha, G Vaaje-Kolstad, A Smalås, VGH Eijsink. PLoS One, 2017, 12:e0187544.

    Structural determinants of bacterial lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase functionality; Z Forsberg, B Bissaro, J Gullesen, B Dalhus, G Vaaje-Kolstad VGH Eijsink; J Biol Chem 293 (2018) 1397-1412.

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    pH-Dependent Relationship between Catalytic Activity and Hydrogen Peroxide Production Shown via Characterization of a Lytic Polysaccharide Monooxygenase from Gloeophyllum trabeum. Hegnar OA, Petrovic DM, Bissaro B, Alfredsen G, Várnai A, Eijsink VGH. Appl Environ Microbiol. 85 (2019) e02612-18. Epub: 2018 Dec 21. pii: AEM.02612-18. doi: 10.1128/AEM.02612-18.

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    Inactivated Lactobacillus plantarum Carrying a Surface-Displayed Ag85B-ESAT-6 Fusion Antigen as a Booster Vaccine Against Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection. Kuczkowska K, Copland A, Øverland L, Mathiesen G, Tran AC, Paul MJ, Eijsink VGH, Reljic R. Front Immunol. 10 (2019) 1588. Jul 9;10:1588. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2019.01588.

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