Stig Jarle Hansen

Stig Jarle Hansen


  • Institutt for internasjonale miljø- og utviklingsstudier, Noragric
Dr. Stig Jarle Hansen works primarily within the fields of organized crime; religion and politics (including religious terror ) and political theory, with a special interest in the British idealist and Islamic political thought processes. Geographically, his main focus is in the wider Red Sea region, Yemen, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Kenya. Hansen conducted annual field research in Mogadishu in the years 2005 to 2014, and has also conducted field research in the Middle East. His latest book, ‘Al-Shabaab in Somalia’ was critically acclaimed by Foreign Policy and The Economist, amongst others. Hansen is a world expert on Islamism in the Horn of Africa and the Shabaab Group, and has commented for CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, Reuters, CCTV 4 and many other international media outlets. He is currently leading Norway’s only Master program in International Relations.
    • Political Science
    • Religious Politics
    • Religious Terror
    • Piracy
    • International Relations
  • Liste med publikasjoner fra min forskning. (Cristin)



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  • EDS 203  Introduction to International Relations (Course Leader)

    EDS 372  Current Topics in Security Studies (Course Leader)

    EDS 373  Piracy and International Relations (Course Leader)

    EDS 376  Religion, Politics and Islam (Course Leader)

    Hansen will supervise students on religion and politics, terror, selected IR theories, maritime security, organised crime, Yemen, Kenya, Somalia, Qatar, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Emirates, Israel-Palestine, and the Muslim Brotherhood.