Nazli Pelin Kocatürk Schumacher

Nazli Pelin Kocatürk Schumacher


  • Institutt for bygg- og miljøteknikk

I am an associate professor at Water and Environmental Engineering Group at the Faculty of Science and Technology (RealTek). I have a PhD in environmental sciences from both Wageningen University (NL) and University of Copenhagen (DK).

My research activities at the Resource Recovery Research Group focuses on:

- Wastewater/bio-waste management technologies for circular bioeconomy
- Nutrient recovery technologies using biochar, sewage-sludge biochar
- Energy recovery technologies such as biogas production and bioelectrochemical methods
- Biobased fertilizers from organic waste streams for sustainable agricultural production
- Contaminants of emerging concern (PFAS, PPCPs) in wastewater and sewage sludge

My research in resource recovery lies in the essence of sustainable practices for resources and bio-waste management, which are some key elements for achieving a circular economy and UN Sustainable Development Goals.