20 Oct - PhD Defence Kristin Paaske Anfinsen (SpFaMed)

Av Kari Elise Moxnes

PhD degree – Trial Lecture and Public Defence
Kristin Paaske Anfinsen, Department of Companion Animal Clinical Sciences, will defend her PhD thesis: Epidemiological, aetiological, and prognostic aspects of canine primary bone cancer, with a view to its human counterpart, on 20 October 2015.

Norwegian title of thesis:

Prescribed subject of the trial lecture:
A comparison of canine and human bone cancer, what can studies on canine bone cancer teach us about its human counterpart?

Time and place for the trial lecture and the public defence:
Tuesday 20 October 2015 at 09:15
The Festival Hall (3rd floor, main building), NMBU Campus Adamstuen, Ullevålsveien 72, Oslo

Evaluation committee:
First opponent: Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn, Hills Pet Nutrition
Second opponent: Dr. Signe Opdahl,  the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Coordinator: Associate Professor Vibeke Rootwelt, NMBU, Department of Companion Animal Clinical Sciences

Associate Professor Thora J. Jonasdottir, NMBU, Department of Companion Animal Clinical Sciences (Main supervisor)
Professor Øyvind Bruland, Oslo University Hospital, The Norwegian Radium Hospital, Professor II NMBU (Co-supervisor)
Dr. Tom Grotmol, Cancer Registry of Norway, Professor II NMBU (Co-supervisor)

The doctoral thesis is available for public review at the NMBU library, Adamstuen.

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