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Veterinary degree from abroad

Veterinary authorization for foreign veterinarians in Norway

In order to be able to practice as a veterinarian in Norway, authorization is required. It is the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) who is responsible for all such authorization, and applications for authorization/license to practice as a veterinarian must consequently be addressed to said office. For information and application form see their website.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority
Regionkontoret for Rogaland og Agder
Felles postmottak P.O.Box 383, N-2381 Brumunddal
Fax: +47 62 35 69 44
Telephone nr: +47 51 68 43 00

Veterinary studies within the EEA are covered by provision 17.12.1993, and veterinarians from these countries usually receive authorization in Norway, without any additional education. The same applies to veterinarians educated in Switzerland, the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

For those who do not qualify for authorization, the NorwegianSchool of Veterinary Science offers additional training, intended to properly prepare foreign veterinarians for Norwegian conditions. It takes about two years to complete the additional training. 

No students will be admitted in 2023 due to changes in the study plan. The new application deadline is 1 March 2024, starting in the autumn of 2024. The information below is therefore not entirely correct and more information will come soon.

Annual closing date for applying for additional training is November 1st. Training starts in January.

Applicants must fill out an application form

Application form, and other relevant documentation is addressed to: 

Attachments necessary for admittance to the additional training:

  • NOKUT must first approve foreign higher education. This prosedure normally takes several months. Read more: 
  • Certified true copies of veterinary studies diplomas, as well as certified true copies of translated versions (Norwegian/English).
  • Affirmation of permanent work and residence permit, or temporary residence permit
  • Documentation stating date of birth, national identity number or immigration number, or FK-number, any name changes, and citizenship.
  • Applicants must be well versed in either Norwegian, Danish, or Swedish.
  • Applicants whose first language is neither of the above are required to document that they have at university level been graded B, or better, in both oral and written Norwegian Level III course for foreign students, or that they have received a score of at least 500 points on the“Bergenstest”. From autumn 2009 the formerly used scoring system (150-700 points) on the Begentest has been replaced with the following grades: "Fail" (Ikke bestått), "Pass" (bestått) and "High pass" (Godt bestått). "Pass" equals 500 points, while "High pass" equals 600 points used in the past.


Study plan:

 Studieplan på tilleggsutdanningen  (Preliminary study plan for additional training) 

Regulations regarding authorization:

Lov om veterinærer og annet dyrehelsepersonell (Regulations regarding veterinarians, and other animal health personnel)



(Regulations applicable to EEA citizens educated in EEA countries concerning authorization and access to practice as a veterinarian in Norway)



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