Anaesthesia and analgesia

There are two ECVAA diplomates, Henning Andreas Haga and Andreas Lervik, and an ECVAA resident, Vanessa Bettembourg, in the anaesthesia unit of the Veterinary Faculty. Clinical work, teaching of undergraduate students, research and extra mural lecturing are the main responsibilities of the unit. The daily clinical work consists of anaesthesia, pain management and perioperative intensive care of companion animals, horses, farm animals and also some laboratory animals. The unit runs an ECVAA approved residency program. A residency lasts for three years, in addition the resident is employed for a fourth year to be able to sit the ECVAA exam while still being employed by the university. Most of the training is done at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine since the case-load is varied enough to cover most aspects of veterinary anaesthesiology. However, externships at another ECVVA training facility and at a human hospital are a mandatory part of the residency. A residency also consists of a research project where publication in peer-reviewed journals is a pre-requisite.

Published 30. August 2018 - 11:14 - Updated 30. August 2018 - 11:14