Feed Manufacturing Technology

Master of Science in Feed Manufacturing Technology

You will achieve skills needed for higher level management in the feed milling industry and related industries. This master study is also an excellent background for further scientific research in feed technology.

Duration: 2 years
Start: Autumn 2019
Gisle Bjørneby, UMB
What can you use this qualification for?
The study gives you unique knowledge about nutrition and processing technology. The competence is strongly needed in the feed industry. Your expert knowledge within animal feed production gives you many career opportunities.
What will you learn?

The curriculum consists of a combination of nutritional, technological, chemical and physics topics, which combined will represent an unique approach to this topic. You will become familiar with state-of-the-art feed processing equipment. You will learn about formulations and processing of aquafeeds, petfoods and feeds for traditional production animals.

Short description

You will get hands-on experience with the various types of equipment and production lines by fully integrating the possibilities offered by the Centre for Feed Technology in the programme.

Teaching and training is partly based on lectures, but a considerable part is offered as demonstrations and training in groups. The courses are mainly taught by teachers from NMBU but external experts from the feed industry and international companies and institutions will also be called in when appropriate.




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Programme structure

Showing programme structure for students starting 2019

Study year: 1

Semester: autumn

Programme variant: Compulsory Courses
Feed Manufacturing Technology 10 Compulsory Course
Heat Engineering I 5 Compulsory Course
Proteins, Polysaccharides and Fat/Oils: Structure and Functionality 10 Compulsory Course

Semester: spring

Programme variant: Recomended optional cources
General Nutrition 10
Nutrition and Diet Optimisation in Ruminants 15
Programme variant: Compulsory Courses
Advanced Feed Manufacturing Technology 5 Compulsory Course
Optimalization of Feed Processing for Different Animal Species 10 Compulsory Course
Management of Production, Risk and Innovation in Feed Production 10 Compulsory Course
Study year: 2

Semester: autumn

Semester: spring

Programme variant: Compulsory Courses
Master's Thesis 30 Compulsory Course