Agribusiness and Food Economics

Study plan for the specialization in Agribusiness and Food Economics:

Year 1

August block: 
ECN302 Mathematics for Economists, 5 ECTS

Autumn parallell: 
ECN311 Microeconomics, 10 ECTS  
ECN306 Economics of Sustainability, 5 ECTS 
BUS350 Introduction to Data Analytics, 5 ECTS 
Electives, 5 -10 ECTS*

January block:
BUS360 Taxes, Inequality and Sustainability I, 5 ECTS 

Spring parallell:
ECN301 Econometric methods, 10 ECTS - ECN201 Econometrics or the equivalent is a prerequisite for ECN301 and should be taken before ECN301.
ECN350 Development and Global Change, 10 ECTS 
ECN352 Poverty and Inequality, 10 ECTS 

Year 2

August block: 
ECN320 International Macroeconomics, 5 ECTS  

Autumn parallell: 
ECN305 Research Methods in Economics, 5 ECTS 
ECN303 Impact Assessment Methods, 5 ECTS 
Electives, 15 ECTS*

January block and Spring parallell: 
M30-ECON Master's thesis, 30 ECTS


*The following courses are recommended electives: 
• ECN372 Climate Economics, 10 ECTS (Autumn)
• ECN304 Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 10 ECTS 
• EDS355 Climate Change and Development, 10 ECTS (Autumn)
• ECN375 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics - theory and applications, 10 ECTS (Spring)
• ECN230 International Economics, 10 ECTS (Autumn)

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