Course Packages

You should select a minimum of 30 ECTS per semester. 
We have five teaching periods each academic year. Courses can begin and end in any period. During the blocks, it is only possible to take one course. Make sure to check the teaching and exams period in the course description.

Academic year
Autumn Semester
- August Block - one intensive three-week course
- Autumn Parallel - September - December

Spring Semester
January Block - one intensive three-week course
Spring Parallel - February - May
June Block - one intensive three-week course

The packages are intended to help you find relevant courses within a specific subject area. Please note that there may be a collision with teaching hours and exams. It is therefore important that you check the teaching schedules.
It is still posssible to apply for other courses offered in English where you meet the required requirements.

Currently the following packages are available (more will come), some of which are multidisiplinary:

- School of Economics and Business
- Faculty of Biosciences, Department of Animal Sciences and Aquaculture (IHA)
- Faculty of Biosciences, Department of Plant Sciences (IPV)
- Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management (MINA)

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