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Student Parliament organizes students' power and influence at NMBU

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The Student Board wish all new students welcome!

Are you ready for a new semester? We in the Student Board are!

Do you have any questions, a problem or just want to come by for a chat our office is at the Urbyggningen, U121. Our opening hour is 12-14 :)

Studentvalget vår 2017

Congratulations to the Newly elected representatives at the Student Election spring 2017

Here are the resaults from the Student Election at NMBU spring 2017! Check it out!

We wish them good luck in their new positions, and look forward to the good work!:)

Stem ved Studentvalget

The Student Election NMBU spring 2017


Link with voting portal will be sendt to all student on e-mail and text :)

YOou can find link to the candidate presentations here!

Student Parliament NMBU

All students at NMBU are part of the student democracy at NMBU. Representatives of Student Parliament promote the interests of students in all councils and committees at NMBU. The NMBU Student Parliament is a member of the Norwegian Student Organization (NSO).”


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