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Job advertisment: The Student Parliament's Sustainability Committee

Job advertisment: The Student Parliament's Sustainability Committee

Help! The Student Board needs you!

NMBU is already the best university when it comes to environmental issues and sustainability, but this does not mean that we cannot improve. We therefore need five excited, green and inspired students who wants to be our advisors in the Student Parliaments's Sustainability Committee the next year.  Here you will be hands-on with the environmental work at NMBU, regarding research, innovation, education and operations. The next year you will have the unique opportunityto provide guidance and be an initiator when it comes to related problematics at campus. 

Do you want to be a part of realising the Sustainability University?  Apply today!

Dealine for application 26. september 2021

Student Board of the Student Democracy at NMBU 2021/2021

Student Board of the Student Democracy at NMBU 2021/2021

The new Student Board have started and are excited to begin their work for the students at NMBU. They are located in the clock building in room U118. - keep yourself updated - keep yourself updated


Are you concerned about students rights? Do you want to actively contribute to that you and your fellow students get the best possible student life experience they can have? 

The Student Board work daily for the Student Parliament and the Student Democracy.  We have updated our website with information which makes it easier for you as a committed student to find useful organizational information, political documents and anything else you might need in order to have an active student life at NMBU. 

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All students at NMBU are part of the student democracy at NMBU. Representatives of Student Parliament promote the interests of students in all councils and committees at NMBU. The NMBU Student Parliament is a member of the Norwegian Student Organization (NSO).”

Office hours 12-14.00 mon. to fri.

Urbygnigen U118

Postbox 1202, 1432 Ås


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