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Sit down to lunch with The Student Board

Sit down to lunch with The Student Board

Every other thursdag until the end of september the Student Board will have their lunch in the different cafeterias around campus fra 11:30 - 12:30 - and we want to be disrupted!

Join us and talk to us about the themes mentioned below, og any other things that might be on your mind. 

27.08.2020 - Sørhellinga - How can you learn better?

10.09.2020 - Økonomikantina - How can NMBU become more environmental friendly?

24.09.2020 - Hjerterommet - Digital teaching - what works and what doens't?

See you at lunch - keep yourself updated - keep yourself updated


Are you concerned with students rights? Du you want to actively contribute to that you and your fellow students get the best possible student life experience they can have? 

The Student Board work daily for the Student Parliament and the Student Democracy.  We have updated our website with information which makes it easier for you as a commited student to find useful organizatorial information, political documents and anything else you might need in order to have an active student life at NMBU. 

Student Election 2020 - Results

Student Election 2020 - Results

The results from the Student Election 2020 are now ready.

We congratulate Tuva Todnem Lund with the position as president of the Student Board and Magnus Dybdahl and Tilde Birgitte Dalberg with the positions as members of the Student Board. 

And Nina Vold Johansen with the position for the University Board. 

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All students at NMBU are part of the student democracy at NMBU. Representatives of Student Parliament promote the interests of students in all councils and committees at NMBU. The NMBU Student Parliament is a member of the Norwegian Student Organization (NSO).”

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