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Results from the Student Election

Results from the Student Election

The results of the Student Election are here, and we would like to congratulate:

- Tord Hauge on being re-elected as President of the Student Board
- Ane Magnussen on being elected as the new Vice President of the Student Board, and
- Nina Vold Johansen on being elected as female student representative in the University Board

There has also been elected female student representatives into each of the Faculty Boards (link to come).

Lastly, we would like to thank everyone who ran for election, and everyone who voted! We achieved a voter turnout of approximately 19%, and that's no small feat!

Student Election Spring 2019

Student Election Spring 2019

The Student Election spring 2019 is approaching

Send in your candidacy within 02nd of April if you wish to run


To be elected: President of the Student Board, Vice Preseident of the Student Board, female representatives to the University Board and female representatives to all the Faculty Boards. 

Student Elections Autumn 2018 have started

Student Elections Autumn 2018 have started

From 28th of November to 3rd of December ( at 1200 in the afternoon) the Student Election Autumn  2018 will be held.

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All students at NMBU are part of the student democracy at NMBU. Representatives of Student Parliament promote the interests of students in all councils and committees at NMBU. The NMBU Student Parliament is a member of the Norwegian Student Organization (NSO).”

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