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Elect your candidate for the Faculty board!

The voting portal is now open, vote for the candidate YOU would like to represent yourself at the Faculty level (Fakultetsstyret). Klick for link!

The portal is open between 22. november - 27.november 23.59 2017

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Studiebarometeret NMBU

The Studiebarometer (study barometer) shows students and employees perception of student quality.
Link to Studentbarometeret and Svarbarometeret (answer barometer) where you can answer the survey and follow the institution that has the best answer percentage.

Høstblad med frost

"Winterblues"; do You need someone to talk to?

The days seems shorter, it gets dark earlier and the exams are soon here. Does it get to You? Do You need someone to talk to? Below we have listed information where You may seek help.

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All students at NMBU are part of the student democracy at NMBU. Representatives of Student Parliament promote the interests of students in all councils and committees at NMBU. The NMBU Student Parliament is a member of the Norwegian Student Organization (NSO).”

Office hours 12-14.00 mon. to fri.

(10-12.00 thursdays)

Urbygnigen U121

Postbox 1202, 1432 Ås


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