Study Progression

Satisfactory study progression is determined by how closely you follow your education plan, ie by completing the coursework as indicated in the plan.

What is an Education Plan?

Every student has an individual education plan comprised of obligatory and elective courses necessary to complete the degree. The courses are evenly distributed in each semester of the study period. An education plan contains a certain number of study points depending on the degree type:

  • bachelor's degree: 180 study points
  • 5-year integrated bachelor and master degree: 300 study points
  • 2-year master degree: 120 study points

Together with your study advisor, you can make additions/changes to your education plan. Each study program has pre-determined obligatory courses and a framework for elective courses. Obligatory courses are pre-plotted into your education plan in a specific semester and do not collide with the other obligatory courses in that semester.

IMPORTANT: Your education plan should be up-to-date every semester so that you know exactly what is expected of you throughout your studies.

What is satisfactory study progression?

UDI grants study permits for full-time studies only. This corresponds to 30 study points per semester or 60 study points per academic year. In addition, the student must work towards completing the coursework in the education plan.

Taking courses not included in the education plan cannot be taken into consideration when evaluating study progression.

If the student is taking full-time studies and completing the coursework in the education plan, then this is considered satisfactory study progression.

What is unsatisfactory study progression?

Taking less than 30 study points per semester or 60 study points per academic year is considered unsatisfactory study progression. In addition, taking courses not included in your education plan can reflect negatively and/or indicate that you are not working towards completing your degree.

 Recommendation for part-time work: At the time of renewal, NMBU must recommend/not recommend students to receive the part-time work permit. If the study progression is very unsatisfactory, then the student will not be recommended for the part-time work permit. 

Can I take courses not in my education plan?

Yes, so long as you are also taking all of the other courses in your education plan and that the extra courses do not affect your ability to successfully complete the courses required for completing your degree.

Courses taken outside of the study plan will not be included in the degree and will not appear on the diploma certificate. However, transcripts of records can be issued for these courses.

Where can I find my education plan?

You can view your education on the StudentWeb by clicking on the "Studies" menu. During the semester registration process, you are asked to confirm that your plan is up to date and correct. If you plan has too few or too many study points, then you should contact your study advisor to make changes/updates. 

Published 24. May 2022 - 11:33 - Updated 25. May 2022 - 11:00