CERAD Board and Management

Organization of CERAD:

The CERAD research organization


CERAD Management Group (MG)

The daily operation of the Center for Environmental Radioactivity is performed by the center directors and administrative manager, named the CERAD Management Group (MG) and is the executive committee or steering group of CERAD Center.

The CERAD MG is consisting of the following directors:

The CERAD MG is supporting the Centre Director in the preparation of strategic issues, the handling of significant or fundamental operative matters as well as ensuring internal communications. The CERAD MG prepares and guides the development of the CERAD processes and business operations and the CERAD common functions. The MG handles, in particular, the company's strategy, budget, major procurements and projects, the CERAD structure and organization as well as major policies of administration and the HR policy issues.

CERAD Center of Excellence has a Board, Science Advisory Committee (SAC) and Relevance Advisory Committee (RAC)

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