About SoDoC

SoDoC was established on 1 February 2016. The purpose of SoDoC is to secure the interests of PhD candidates as well as postdoctoral researchers at NMBU. The organization handles issues of common interest to these groups.

SoDoC primarily focuses on

  • Study conditions and professional interests 
  • Economic interests 
  • Social benefits 
  • Rights and duties at the University 
  • Research ethics and issues 
  • Regarding science and society 
  • Social events for improved contact

SoDoC board and members

All registered Ph.D. candidates and postdocs at NMBU may become members of SoDoC. Members are free to join relevant trade unions and promote doctoral issues through these forums as well.

SoDoC has a board consisting of a leader, a social leader, an academic leader, a treasurer, a secretary, and a webmaster. The board is elected at the annual annual meeting.

Compensations for the SoDoC board members

The six SoDoc core board members get cash compensation according to the following regulationsThe rules are new and apply from 1 January 2021.

Core board members

Cash compensation

Leader1 month salary
Social leader0.7 month salary
Academic leader0.4 month salary
Treasurer0.3 month salary
Secretary0.3 month salary
Webmaster0.3 month salary
SUM3 month salary


The compensations are taxable and are calculated annually in February (in arrears).  Routine: each core member of the board mentioned in the Letter of Allocation order their compensation from UBW (It is a dynamic form, meaning that something will pop up automatically upon selection). The details of allocation reference numbers will be given in the Letter of Allocation, which is to be distributed to board members who are to be compensated.

Guide to how to do this in this link (in Norwegian).


The compensations are financed by central funds (via the Research Support Office).

Contact us

You can get in touch with us by sending us an e-mail  or by joining our  Facebook group  or attending one of our social events or board meetings.


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