In accordance with more detailed specifications from the faculty, the required coursework must include courses at PhD or master’s degree level equivalent to 30-60 credits (ECTS).

Together with the work on the thesis, the required coursework must provide the necessary academic breadth and specialisation.

Education Plan within 6 months after start-up

The research work, the required coursework and any stays abroad, are to be planned together with the supervisor(s). Describe all activities in your Education Plan (FORM 1.1.3) and submit the plan to your faculty for approval no later than six months after start-up.

Research Ethics

A course in research ethics and the philosophy of science giving a minimum of 5 credits shall be included in the required coursework. By completing PHI401 and VET400, this requirement will be fulfilled. If you have completed another research ethics and philosophy of science course, you may present the course description and the course certificate to your faculty, and apply for approval of this course. Your faculty will consult the NMBU Ethical Board if the course content has to be evaluated.

How old may the courses be?

Elements that form part of the required coursework should not be older than two years on the start-up date. However, work that forms part of the veterinary diploma education and the veterinary studies research programme can be accepted.

Changes - Education Plan

If you wish to change a course in the required coursework, you must complete FORM 2.2 for changes to the required coursework and send it to the faculty to which you have been admitted. This must be done before you take the course in question. The faculty decides whether or not the change can be made.

Courses at NMBU

For courses offered at NMBU, please see links to the right on this page.  You can find the deadlines for registration in the NMBU Academic Calendar.

Courses at other institutions

If NMBU itself does not organise all the required coursework, arrangements must be made to ensure that the PhD candidate is given appropriate training at other institutions or units that provide accredited PhD education. NMBU belongs to networks such as NOVA University Network (the Nordic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University Network). NOVA courses 2018.

It is important that candidates are familiar with the admission rules for such courses and find out about deadlines for application, enrolment for examinations etc.

Special syllabus

If no suitable course is available at NMBU, a special syllabus at PhD level may be approved as part of the required coursework. Before a candidate goes ahead with special syllabus, a written agreement for special syllabus (FORM 3.2) must be in place with the faculty.

General skills

PhD candidates are also expected to acquire general skills – for example skills in presentation techniques and in dissemination, scientific writing etc.

Approval of the required coursework

All required coursework must be completed and approved by the faculty before you submit your thesis for evaluation. Please see "Finalisation".

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