Førsteamanuensis Siri Lie Olsen underviser en fersk økologistudent i vegetasjonskartlegging.


Ecology and natural resource management

  • About 60 people in total. 
  • Circa 25 PhD candidates. 
  • NMBU's knowledge hub for ecology, natural resource management and nature-based tourism. 
  • Responsible for the study programs within ecology, natural resource management and nature-based tourism.  

Professor Stein Moe is section leader.

MINA's section for Ecology and Natural Resource Management are working on finding solutions to problems associated with nature loss and the sustainable management of land and natural resources.

Nature and biological diversity are threatened by land use, intense exploitation of natural resources, invasive species and climate change. Researchers and students at MINA's Section for Ecology and Natural Resource Management work to identifying challenges and finding solutions to problems related to the loss of nature and species diversity.

Through both basic and applied research, we seek knowledge about ecosystems, as well as a better understanding of how we can best preserve biological diversity and nature's benefits and services.

Our activities range from fjords to mountains, from the arctic to the tropics, from mushrooms and small insects to trees and elephants. We are curious, innovative and solution-oriented in our pursuit of more and better knowledge about nature. Through teaching and communication, we want to inspire students and society to create a better future, in line with the sustainability goals and IPBES' recommendations.  

Associated research groups

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  • Leader: Tone Birkemoe

    Permanent scientific staff

  • Leader: Stian Stensland

    Permanent scientific staff:

  • Leader: Leif Egil Loe

    Permanent scientific staff: