Jorge Mario Marchetti

Jorge Mario Marchetti


  • Institutt for fysikk

Dr. Jorge Marchetti was awarded his 5-year Bachelor in 2003 from Universidad Nacional del Sur in Chemical Engineering. In 2008 he was awarded his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering in Biodiesel Production and in 2009 he was awarded his Ph.D. in Physics in the area of Hydrogen Storage, both Ph.D. were given by Universidad Nacional del Sur in Argentina. From 2008 to 2010 Dr. Marchetti was a Post-doctoral fellowship at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) working on Natural Gas Refining at the Chemical Engineering Department. After that, he was appointed Assistant Professor at Chalmers Technological University in Sweden, at the Forrest Products and Chemical Engineering Division from the Chemical Engineering Department. Since 2011, Dr. Marchetti has been an Associate Professor at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NMBU until July 2017 where he was promoted to Full Professor in Chemical Engineering.


Dr. Marchetti is the leader of the Reaction Engineering and Catalysis Group and the group is work on the area of waste based biorefinery, biochemical productions from different biomasses, biofuels production from 2nd and 3rd generation raw materials as well as mathematical modeling, kinetics modeling and techno economy assessment of upscaling technologies. Dr Marchetti is also working on hydrogen storage for fuel cell as well as basic physics modeling of the interaction of chemicals and catalyst in order to have a better understanding of their behavior.


Dr. Marchetti is the Leader of the NMBU strategiske forskningsinfrastrukture "Waste Valorization for a Sustainable Tomorrow" where waste will be improved into biochemicals, bioproducts, heat and power via chemical and thermochemical transformation.