RESHARE first field trip, Oslo, April 29, 2022

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RESHARE first field trip. On April 29, 2022, Reshare researchers and students from NTNU and NMBU met at TØI for two-days visit of Oslo.

RESHARE first field trip. On April 29, 2022, Reshare researchers and students from NTNU and NMBU met at TØI for two-days visit of Oslo.

After having lunch and enjoying a cup of coffee at TØI cafeteria, we introduced ourselves to each other. The group of participants is very international (from Iran, China, Nepal, Mexico, Chile, U.S, Italy, Germany, India and Norway). It was a nice talk among us, and we exchanged various experiences about the Nordic countries (e.g., habits, light and dark cycles).

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After this informal conversation, we moved to a meeting room on the 4th floor of the amazing building where TØI is placed. Employees from different companies are around corridors, offices, and meeting rooms. It is a very inspiring working environment, and this welcoming atmosphere is also perceived by visitors.

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First, RESHARE researchers, Tanu Priya Uteng, Cyriac George, Eivind Farstad and Mina Di Marino, introduced the study area of Hovinbyen and its principal characteristics, as well as transportation and planning challenges identified by the city of Oslo (e.g., urban structure, mobility, streets profile and walkability). A strategic plan has been developed by the city of Oslo. The whole area of 11 km2area is going to be transformed within the next 40 years. The city is expecting to have among new 40.000 residences and between 50.000 and 100000 jobs. Existing physical barriers (such as large roads and motorways) have caused several fragmentations among the districts (see Breivoli, Ensjø, Haraldrud, Ulven, Helsfyr, Løren and Økern and Vellebekk). Various programs are approved (or being approved) for the development of these areas. Some residential districts are partially constructed, and thus, some infill development is planned. Other industrial districts will be converted into new functions.

Second, the Research partners introduced the methods and contents of the observations. Students will work in pairs and visit the above districts by analysing the accessibility, architectural features, and nearby functions. We listed some of the features to analyse (but not limited to) such as i) openness/closeness of a street profile; ii) street edges; iii) functions of the first floors; iv) characteristics of the streets/roads/ (dimensions, traffic, green and walkability, biking); v) access to public sharing hubs (bikes, electric scooters); vi) type of public/semi-public and private spaces (private gardens, community spaces and courtyards).

The main aim is to identify existing and new areas where interventions of Residential Mobility Sharing and Residential Space Sharing (storages for electric vehicles, shopping delivery, coworking, gym and library) are feasible. In addition to observations, informal talks with the residents would help us to identify relevant pilot buildings and areas for RESHARE project.

After a comprehensive overview of the study area and tasks of the field trip, we moved to Nordre Aker bydel (in the northern part of Oslo) for our first visit and observations!

Ketil Høigaard, one of the Parqio founders and managers, welcomed us in Frysjaveien gate, where new garages have been recently transformed by keeping in mind new shared mobility and space, and technology. Frysja parken is currently serving around 600 residents, but there will be around 1000 after the completion of the urban development.

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Parqio is one of the research partners of RESHARE 'Resource sharing in residential buildings: Innovative approaches to shared, circular mobility & space solutions for sustainable consumption'. 

This 'Collaborative and Knowledge-building Projec' is funded by the Research Council of Norway and led by TØI. There are research partners, both Norwegian and International: NMBU, Finnish Environment Institute (Syke, Helsinki) and Erasmus University (Rotterdam). In addition to Parqio, RESHARE stakeholders are Oslo Kommune, Viken, Ruter, Pådriv, and Bilkollektivet.

The visit was very stimulating for all of us. Parquio aims to meet needs and demands of residents in existing and new urban developments (more info at The first idea is to change the traditional functions of a garage (parking private cars) and connect the gates of garages with those residential communities that are more oriented to ‘sharing services and spaces’. Hence, Parqio´s goal is to transform shared garages into mobility and service hubs. Parqio works with car-sharing, mobility sharing, local service providers and logistic companies, to provide their services in garages and help share that space/and services to the neighborhood. Additional pictures about Parqio's services and activities are available at Image Library - Guidelines (

The private parking garage is becoming a multifunctional and technological hub which supports the new lifestyle of residents (of all age groups). With the help of new technology (see integrated apps) and several operators (from different sectors), the aim is to provide several services and goods in the residential hubs (e.g., food delivery, tires storage, and electric vans for special transportation needs).

In the near future, for example, electric vehicles will supplement the public transportation. People can use share vehicles to reach the first bus, tram and metro stops from their apartments. To this end, some new partnership is on-going between Ruter and local operators in Oslo.

These future scenarios go in parallel with the changes of people’s mentality. Different social groups are increasingly demanding for these kinds of services. We will move beyond the relevance and need for digital literacy which now seems to be a key-point, since the 5G technology will support easiest ways of accessing and using these gates.

After this inspiring visit, we walked along the Akerselva river from Nordre Aker bydel to the centre and enjoyed a delicious pizza!

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