Live Heldal Hagen

Live Heldal Hagen


  • PEP

Curious on microbes; who they are, how they live and interact - and how we can learn from them to create a sustainable future! I started my PhD by studying microbiomes in anaerobic digesters (magic microbial fabrics converting waste into energy) and have in the recent years moved over to more furry and 'moo-y' digesters; ruminants. Senior researcher at the PEP / MEMO group (Microbial Ecology and Meta-Omics), check out our group and work at 

    • Microbial ecology
    • Meta-Omics
    • Environmental Microbiology
  • Liste med publikasjoner fra min forskning. (Cristin)


    A complete list of publications can be found here: 

    List of selected publications: 

    • Kjell Jonassen, Live H. Hagen, Silas Vick, Magnus Ø. Arntzen, Vincent G.H. Eijsink, Åsa Frostegård, Pawel Lycus, Lars Molstad, and Phillip Pope, Lars Bakken, “Nitrous oxide respiring bacteria in biogas digestates for reduced agricultural emissions.” ISME J (2021);
    • Live H. Hagen (corresponding author), Charles G. Brooke, Claire Shaw, Angela D. Norbeck, Hailan Piao, Magnus Ø. Arntzen, Heather Brewer et al. "Proteome specialization of anaerobic fungi during ruminal degradation of recalcitrant plant fiber." ISME J (2020);
    • Leszek Michalak, John Christian Gaby, Leidy Lagos, Sabina Leanti La Rosa, Torgeir R. Hvidsten, Catherine Tétard-Jones, William G. T. Willats, Nicolas Terrapon, Vincent Lombard, Bernard Henrissat, Johannes Dröge, Magnus Øverlie Arntzen, Live Heldal Hagen, Margareth Øverland, Phillip B. Pope & Bjørge Westereng. “Microbiota-directed fibre activates both targeted and secondary metabolic shifts in the distal gut.” Nature Communications (2020);
    • Hagen, Live H.; Frank, Jeremy; Zamanzadeh, Mirzaman; Eijsink, V. Gerardus Henricus; Pope, Phillip; Horn, Svein Jarle; Arntzen, Magnus Øverlie. Quantitative metaproteomics highlight the metabolic contributions of uncultured phylotypes in a thermophilic anaerobic digesterApplied and Environmental Microbiology(2017); Volum 83.(2); doi:
    • Minniti, Giusi; Hagen, Live H.; Porcellato, Davide; Jørgensen, Sven Martin; Pope, Phillip; Vaaje-Kolstad, Gustav. The Skin-Mucus Microbial Community of Farmed Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar)Frontiers in Microbiology(2017); Volum 8; doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.02043
  • BIN420: Bioinformatics for functional meta-omics

    My role: Teacher; lectures and drylabs. Click HERE for more course information.

    BIO326: Genome Sequencing: tools and analysis

    My role: Teacher; metageomics lectures, nanopore wetlabs and drylabs. Click HERE for more course information.

    BIO335: Applied Biocatalysis and Biorefining

    My role: Teaching microbial catalysts in biogas production. Click HERE for more information.

    BIO337: Biogas technology

    My role: Teaching, covering the topic “complex microbial communities in anaerobic digestion”. Click HERE for more course information.

  • Other:

    Participant in the NMBU Talent Program 2.0 - Research Talents for Sustainability. If curious about my contribution,  this might be relevant reading: 

    I am also trying to keep track on my bioinformatic pipelines and codes, both for my own sake and to keep my research transparant and reproducable. If interested, take a swing by my github page (still in the infancy).