Knut Rudi

Knut Rudi


  • Faggruppe dekan

I am a chief editor in Frontiers in Microbiology, leading the section on gut microbes. A am also an editor in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, with a main focus on aquatic microbiology. I am a coauthor of approximately 200 scientific publications.

I am responsible for the course BIO 233 Experimental Environmental Microbiology and BIO 235 Bioteknologi og kjemi i næringslivet. I cover the microbiome sequencing part of the course BIO 332 Experimental Molecular Microbiology.

My main scientific interests are related to transmission and establishment of gut bacteria within a host population, in addition to host-bacterial coevolution. I have a particular focus on the role of mobile genetic elements and antibiotic resistance genes in these processes.

I am also actively working with translating basic scientific findings into practical application. These efforts have led to the first CE-marked test for the role of the gut microbiota in irritable bowels syndrome (IBS) commercialized through the company Genetic Analysis ( ).

My main research themes cover:

• Establishment of the infant gut microbiota

• Transition from infant to adult gut microbiota

• The salmon gut microbiota

• Sediment and biofilm microbiota