20 Jan - Camilla Fritsvold (VET)

Av Oliver Xingwen Li

PhD degree - Trial Lecture and Public Defense
Camilla Fritsvold, Department of Paraclinical Sciences (ParaFag), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine will defend her PhD thesis "Pathogenesis studies of cardiomyopathy syndrome (CMS) in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L." on 20 January 2022.

English title of thesis
"Pathogenesis studies of cardiomyopathy syndrome (CMS) in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L."

Norwegian title of thesis
"Studier av patogenese ved kardiomyopatisyndrom (CMS) hos atlantisk laks, Salmo salar L."

Prescribed subject of the trial lecture
“Impact of climate change on farming of salmonids in Europe”

Date: 20 January 2022 (Oslo time)
- 1000hrs: Trial lecture
- 1045hrs: Break
- 1115hrs: Public defense

- Auditorium Hippocampus
- Zoom: https://nmbu.zoom.us/j/67617311140?pwd=TFVnRmYwTElVK1ZSUC9ZQmxUU3IzQT09 (Passcode: 024514)

Due to restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, a limited number of people are allowed in the physical venue of the public defense. If you wish to attend the event in person, please complete this form https://nettskjema.no/a/239439 by January 16th. Those who have secured a spot will receive an email confirmation from us on January 17th.

Alternatively, you may attend the trial lecture and public defense via Zoom. Here are the guidelines:
- Test your equipment and internet connection prior to the public defense
- Keep your audio and video off at all times
- If anyone wishes to oppose the candidate Ex Auditorio, please send us a direct message in the Zoom chat BEFORE the 1st opponent finishes his or her opposition.
- Should you have any questions or experience any technical issues, please send us direct message in the Zoom chat.

Evaluation committee
First Opponent: Dr. Marian McLoughlin, European College of Aquatic Animal Health, United Kingdom
Second Opponent: Dr. Niccolò Vendramin, National Institute of Aquatic Resources, Denmark
Committee Coordinator: Dr. Simen Foyn Nørstebø, NMBU, Norway

Main supervisor: Dr. Hilde Sindre, Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Norway
Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Aase Beathe Mikalsen, NMBU, Norway
Co-supervisor: Dr. Torunn Taksdal, Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Norway

The doctoral thesis is available for public review. For those who would like to have access to the thesis please send an e-mail to: phd.radgiver.vet@nmbu.no.
Name of PhD candidate: Camilla Fritsvold; Thesis number 2021:78; ISSN 1894-6402; ISBN 978-82-575-1855-4.

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