Strategy, organization, and leadership (SOL)

Av Kateryna Krutskykh

The research group for strategy, organization and leadership at NMBU School of Economics and Business conducts research at a high national and international level and offers a number of undergraduate and graduate courses. Prioritized research areas are strategic change, institutional change, organizational design and restructuring, systems analysis, human resource management, and symbolic and expressive aspects of organizations. The group has two doctoral students.

Research group members:

Silja Korhonen-Sande, associate professor

Gro Ladegård, professor

Sigurd Rysstad, associate professor

Nicolay Worren, associate professor

Arild Wæraas, professor

Bernt Aarset, associate professor

Post-doctoral researchers:

Shawn Michael Pope

PhD Students:
Dag Yngve Dahle 

Ulrik Meisner 

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