Publications 2022

Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Noragric

Ecosystem service deficits of European cities
Elliot T, Goldstein B, Gómez-Baggethun E, Proença V & Rugani B

Article in Science of The Total Environment (September 2022)

Targeting best agricultural practices to enhance ecosystem services in European mountains
Bernués A, Tenza-Peral A, Gómez-Baggethun E, Clemetsen M, Eik LO & Martín-Collado D

Article in Journal of Environmental Management (August 2022)


Conflicts between agriculture and biodiversity conservation in Europe: Looking to the future by learning from the past
Lécuyer L, Alard D,...Sands D, et al.

Chapter One in Advances in Ecological Research (Volume 65) - The Future of Agricultural Landscapes, Part III
DA Bohan, Dumbrell AJ & Vanbergen AJ (eds)

Book published by Academic Press (April 2022)


Making forest data fair and open 
de Lima RAF, Phillips OL, Cuní Sanchez A, et al.

Article in Nature - Ecology and Evolution (April 2022)

An expanded framing of ecosystem services is needed for a sustainable urban future
Elliot T, Torres-Matallana JA, Goldstein B, Almenar JB, Gómez-Baggethun E, Proença V & Rugani B

Article in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (July 2022)


The political ecology of crops
K Fischer, Jakobsen J & Westengen OT (eds)

Special Issue of Geoforum (March 2022)

Affiliated articles:

The political ecology of crops: From seed to state and capital
Fischer K, Jakobsen J & Westengen OT

Taking measure of an escape crop: Cassava relationality in a contemporary quilombo-remnant community
Roman GG & Westengen OT


Interlinkage Between Persistent Organic Pollutants and Plastic in the Waste Management System of India: An Overview 
Chakraborty P, Chandra S,...Steindal EH et al

Article in Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (February 2022)

Pharmaceutical pollution of the world’s rivers
Wilkinson JL,… Cuní Sanchez A, et al.

Article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) (February 2022)

Increased attention to water is key to adaptation
Srivastava S, Mehta L & Næss LO

Article in Nature Climate Change (February 2022)

  Anthropology, the Environment, and Environmental Crisis
Guzmán-Gallegos MA & Leifsen E

Chapter in The Palgrave Handbook of the History of Human Sciences
D. McCallum (ed)

Book published by Palgrave Macmillan (January 2022)
Pastoral Livelihood Diversification and Gender in Borana, Southern Ethiopia
Anbacha A & Kjosavik DJ

Article in Rangeland Ecology & Management (January 2022)
Governance Sensitivities and the Politics of Translation: Rethinking the Colonisation of the Shuar of Ecuador's Amazonian South-East
Leifsen E

Article in Journal of Latin American Studies (January 2022)

Ostrom and the commons: Critical appreciation and interrogation in the context of forest management in Tanzania
Perfect-Mrema J

Article in Environmental Science & Policy (January 2022)

Lomami Buffer Zone (DRC): Forest composition, structure, and the sustainability of its use by local communities
Batumike R, Imani G, Bisimwa B, Mambo H, Kalume J, Kavuba F & Cuni-Sanchez A

Article in Biotropica (January 2022)

Effects of low-cost agricultural technology package on income, cereal surplus production, household expenditure, and food security in the drylands of Mali

Sissoko P, Synnevåg G & Aune JB 

Article in AIMS Agriculture and Food (January 2022)

Department of Landscape Architecture

Climate change adaptation processes seen through a resilience lens: Norwegian farmers’ handling of the dry summer of 2018
Beitnes SS, Kopainsky B & Potthoff K

Article in Environmental Science & Policy (July 2022)

Soil and plant selection for rain gardens along streets and roads in cold climates: Simulated cyclic flooding and real-scale studies of five herbaceous perennial species
Laukli K, Gamborg M, Knapp Haraldsen T & Vike E

Article in Urban Forestry & Urban Greening (February 2022)

The legacy of vulnerability to floods in the Tana River, Kenya
Okoko A

Article in International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (February 2022)

Borderscape: Forced Syrian Migration and New Spatial Practices in Lebanon
Trovato MG

 Article in International Journal of Islamic Architecture (January 2022)


Assessing climate risk to support urban forests in a changing climate
Esperon-Rodriguez M, Rymer PD,…Solfjeld I, et al.

Article in Plants People Planet (January 2022)

Department of Property and Law

Putin-regimets angrepskrig mot Ukraina påvirker også eiendomsfaget og planfaget. 
Boge K

Article in Kart og Plan (May 2022)


Instagramdrevet eiendomsutvikling
Dokk Holm E

Article in Kart og Plan (May 2022)

Arealplanfaglige prinsipper og tradisjoner i planlegging av tettbygde fritidsbyggområder
Holsen T.

Article in Kart og Plan (May 2022)

Vindkraftutbygging på Fosenhalvøya og samiske rettigheter etter SP artikkel 27 
Larsen IW. & Holth F 

Article in Kart og Plan (May 2022)

Land consolidation - an emotional process for the parties involved
Sky PK & Elvestad HE 

Chapter in Land Matters: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead. Selected experiences in memory of Rafael Crecente
DB Miranda (ed)

Book published by Universidade de Santiago de Compostela Press (April 2022)

The Backlog of Cadastre Records of Older Cases Conducted by the Land Consolidation Court in Norway
Trygstad V

Article in Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research (Special Series) (March 2022)

Matrikkelloven kommentarutgave
Faafeng VG, Holth F, Høgvard D og Sky PK
Revidert utgave på Juridika, Universitetsforlaget. A jour pr. 17. januar 2022.


Karnov Lovkommentarer
Published by Karnov (2022) 

Sameigelova - A jour pr. 15. mars 2022
Bergsholm E

Jordskiftelova kommentarutgave (delutgivelse)
Sky PK

Vassdragsloven - A jour pr. 17. januar 2022
Solli GS 

Vannressursloven - A jour pr. 17. januar 2022
Larsen IW 

Hevdslova - A jour pr. 17. januar 2022
Bergsholm E

Jordlova - A jour pr. 17. januar 2022
Solli GS  

Department of Public Health Science


Long-term commitment to voluntary social work – the role of an autonomy-supportive work environment
Arka T, Ellingsen-Dalskau LH & Ihlebæk C

Article in Voluntary Sector Review (May 2022)


Health risks among long-term immigrants in Norway with poor Norwegian language proficiency
Kjøllesdal MKR, Gerwing J & Indesth T

Article in Scandinavian Journal of Public Health (May 2022)

Research priorities to reduce the impact of COVID-19 in low- and middle-income countries
Polašek O, Wazny K, Bastien S et al. 

Article in Journal of Global Health (April 2022)

Is my vulnerability so different from yours? A call for compassionate climate change research
Eriksen SH

Article in Progress in Human Geography (April 2022)

Diagnoses of infectious diseases among Norwegian-born children to immigrant parents – the role of parental socioeconomic position
Kjøllesdal MKR, Labberton AS, Reneflot A, Qureshi S & Surén P

Article in Scandinavian Journal of Public Health (April 2022) 


Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability
Pörtner HO, Roberts DC,…Eriksen SEH et al.

IPCC WGII Sixth Assessment Report. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (March 2022)


Climate Resilient Development Pathways
Schipper ELF, Aromar R,…Eriksen SEH et al.

Chapter 18 in IPCC WGII Sixth Assessment Report. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (March 2022)

Establishing an Agri-food living lab for sustainability transitions: Methodological insight from a case of strengthening the niche of organic vegetables in the Vestfold region in Norway
Hvitsand C, Raanaas RK, Gjøtterud S & Nicolaysen AM

Article in Agricultural Systems (March 2022)

Understanding the excess COVID-19 burden among immigrants in Norway
Kjøllesdal MKR, Juarez SP, Aradhya S & Indseth T

Article in Journal of Public Health (March 2022)


Interplays between changing biophysical and social dynamics under climate change: Implications for limits to sustainable adaptation in food systems
Kerr RB, Naess LO, Allen-O'Neil B,…Eriksen S et al.

Article in Global Change Biology (February 2022)

Transforming environmental governance: critical action intellectuals and their praxis in the field
Ojha H, Nightingale AJ, Gonda N, Muok, BO, Eriksen S, Khatri D & Paudel D

Article in Sustainability Science (February 2022)


An Application of the Integrated Behavioral Model for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene to Assess Perceived Community Acceptability and Feasibility of the Biosand Filter among Maasai Pastoralists in Rural Tanzania
Paasch T, Whelan M, Nahirney M, Olemshumba S & Bastien S

Article in The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (February 2022)


Arbeidsrettet rehabilitering: Tilbake i arbeid etter arbeidsplassintervensjon og oppfølging ved Hernes Institutt?
Haugen K, Ihlebæk C & Calogiuri G

Article in Ergoterapeuten (2022)

Improving health worker motivation and performance to deliver adolescent sexual and reproductive health services in the Democratic Republic of Congo: study design of implementation research to assess the feasibility, acceptability, and effectiveness of a package of interventions
Bastien S, Ferenchick E, Mbassi SM, Plesons M & Chandra-Mouli V

Article in Global Health Action (January 2022)

Characteristics of farm based day care services for people with dementia – mapping the stakeholders’ views
Pedersen I, Ellingsen-Dalskau L & Patil G

Article in Wellbeing, Space and Society (January 2022)

Applying Salutogenesis in Vocational Rehabilitation Settings
Lillefjell M, Maass R & Ihlebæk C

Chapter in The Handbook of Salutogenesis
MB Mittelmark et al. (eds)

Book publised by Springer (January 2022)

Vaksinasjonsdekning mot covid-19 etter innvandrerbakgrunn
Kraft KB, Godøy AA, Vinjerui KH, Kour P, Kjøllesdal MKR & Indseth T

Article in Tidsskrift for Den norske legeforening (January 2022)

Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Fasadeterskelen: Avgjør hvor «aktiv» fasaden er
Standal A & Børrud E

Article in Plan (April 2022)

  COVID-19 and the compact city: Implications for well-being and sustainable urban planning
Mouratidis K 

Article in Science of the Total Environment (March 2022)
What makes cities livable? Determinants of neighborhood satisfaction and neighborhood happiness in different contexts
Mouratidis K & Yiannakou A
Article in Land Use Policy (January 2022)

Inter-departmental publications


Introduksjon til miljøplanlegging
S Movik & Stokke KB (eds)

Book published by Universitetsforlaget (February 2022)

Department of Urban and Regional Planning and Department of Public Health Science 

Affiliated chapters:

Kapittel 1 Innledning
Movik S & Stokke KB

Kapittel 13 Planlegging, miljø og helse
Ihlebæk C


The Politics of Climate Change and Uncertainty in India
L Mehta, Adam HN & Srivastava S (eds)

Book published by Routledge (January 2022) (Open Access)

Department of International Environment and Development Studies and Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Affiliated chapters:

Climate change and uncertainty: Politics and perspectives
Srivastava S, Mehta L & Adam HN

Uncertainty from “above”: Diverse understandings, politics and implications
Mehta L, Adam HN, Bhatt MB, Movik S, Næss LO & Srivastava S

Between the market and climate change: Uncertainty and transformation in Kutch
Srivastava S, Mehta L, Naess LO, Bhatt MR & Kumar VV

The certainty of uncertainty: Climate change realities of the Indian Sundarbans
Ghosh U, Kjosavik DJ & Bose S

Bridging gaps in understandings of climate change and uncertainty
Movik S, Bhatt MR, Mehta L, Adam HN, Srivastava S, Parthasarathy D, Sjaastad E, Bose S, Ghosh U & Næss LO

Adam HN, Mehta L & Srivastava S


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