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NMBU student - the student portal

NMBU - student is NMBU's student portal with helpful links and shortcuts to many important services (such as your student email, studentWeb and so on). 


Webmail is where you access your student email (, for instructions about how to set up webmail on your mobile phone or to forward all emails to your private email, please see the support webpages.  Please remember to read your email as official emails with important information from the university, and your professors, will be sent to this email. All NMBU students are obligated to check their student emails.

Student Computer Service

At the Student Computer Service you can get your student card, and they can help you with your username and password to the IT systems at the university. 

The Student Computer Service can also help you with registration to the university network, installing anti-virus and anti-spyware software, internet access and some computer problems. The Student Computer Service is located on the first floor of the TF-building.

Note: Remember that you must have an intranet cable to access the internet in the student residences, or a router.


Canvas is the learning management system of NMBU. Here you may share documents, read/post news, hand in your assignments and much more. Log in: To log in please use your regular NMBU-username and password.  You can learn more about Canvas from our support webpages.

Academic Calendar

The calendar holds all the important deadlines and dates for the academic year, for example, registration and withdrawal deadlines.

Student Advisors

This is a link with all the email addresses for all the student advisors.

Course catalogue

 NMBU offers about 750 courses which can be found in the course catalogue.  Remember to select courses taught in English.

Teaching Schedule

Teaching and Exam schedule is where you can input all your courses and have your class schedule displayed.  

Buildings on Campus

 Here you will find photos of all the main buildings on Campus, including their abbreviations.  

Do you need special assistance?

If you have special needs and/or a disability, it is possible to apply for assistance. 


 NMBU's intranett contains current affairs both internal and external, debates which students and employees can participate in on issues on campus and finally, search function A-Å which lists links to all NMBU services.



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