Registration Weekend 11 - 12 August

  • Master of Science in Economics

The registration weekend starts Saturday 11 August at 09:00. All students admitted as either single courses students, OR those admitted through the local admission, intake are strongly encouraged to attend this weekend.

Registration weekend

Saturday night there is a barbecue at Pentagon. This annual tradition is organized by the Student Parliament, the Society Board, UKA in Ås and SiÅs in honor of all new students. You will experience the legendary Ås spirit in all its splendor. Different clubs, associations and foundations will be present to make hustle and bustle. The Hannkatt Association, founded in 1902, organizes its traditional tour de Kringla, a homemade car race without rules. Join and meet all the new students gathered in one place and get to know the more experienced ones. There will be free food and vegetarian options will be served. The registration weekend continues its program on Sunday. Students will be grouped according to the faculty their study programs belong to. For single courses students, choose the faculty where you will take the most courses:

Faculty of Biosciences (BIOVIT)

Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management (MINA)

Faculty of Landscape and Society (LANDSAM)



School of Economics and Business (HH)

Faculty of Science and Technology (REALTEK)


Published 27. July 2017 - 10:56 - Updated 28. June 2019 - 10:35