Checklist for new students

The first days - semester start and registration

All you need to know about semester start: accomodation, immatriculation and introduction programme | Important dates

When your are admitted at NMBU you will recieve an admission letter. If you have applied from within Norway, other documentation will be sent to you by post. If you have applied from outside of Norway you will receieve all important documents for registration upon arrival. One of the letters you recieve has a pin code that you need for semester registration. During the introduction week (6-10.august) and the registration weekend (11-12.august) we will help you with obtaining a semester card, computer access, info about the computer systems, username and password for StudentWeb, webmail and fronter, and important information about exams etc. 

1. Pay semester fee

The first thing you have to do is to pay a semester fee through Studentweb. Erasmus students do not need to pay the semester fee.

Deadline: 15. september (autumn) og 1. february (spring)

2. Get registered 

Log in at StudentWeb, click on continue and follow the instructions.

To get registered means that you sign up for classes and exams. You can register from the end of July. Deadline: 15.august (august block), 15.september (autumn) and 1.February (spring). 

3. Create user account

When you have completed step 1 and 2, you can create your NMBU user account.

The user account will give you access to NMBU IT services, like Canvas and Webmail.  

4. Obtain a student card

Student card. The student card functions as a lending card at the libraries, access card to buildings and rooms, and gives you access to the printing machines on campus. You can get a new student card printed free (your photo will be taken there) at the Computer Services department located on the 1st floor of Saghellinga building behind the Clock building. 

5. Download the Digital Student Verification app

NMBU has a digital student verification app (also known as studentbevis in Norwegian) which is valid proof of being a student for the current semester.  This can be used on trains and buses (and elsewhere) to prove one's student status.

6. Connect to Wifi at Campus Ås

Here you can find guides and tutorials on how to connect to the Wifi "Eduroam". Eduroam is availiable at campus Ås.  

7. Do you require special assistance?

If you have special needs and/or a disability, it is possible to apply for assistance. 

8. Parking at campus Ås

Most of the parking areas are marked with either "employee (ansatt)" or "student", but some areas are both for employees and students. In order to use the parking areas you have to register you car: Registration steps (in Norwegian). You can also read more about parking at Campus Ås here.

Published 27. June 2016 - 15:30 - Updated 27. July 2018 - 10:26